February 2014

Month: February 2014

Simply Mint To Be

As a young woman with so many things to worry about it’s easy to put managing your finances on the back burner. 401K? Savings? Investments? Student Loans? Car Payments? Credit Cards? etc. who has time for all of this!?!? I know what your thinking cause i’ve been there, and I actually work in finance! Its hard, its overwhelming, its stressful and at the end of the day I would rather buy clothes.  But, we all know now is the time to stop being scared to look at your balances and take control. That clothing purchase would e better appreciated if it wasn’t  bought with your last, if you weren’t going into debt, and you knew in the back of your mind you could afford it.  Those new shoes may just look better if you skipped out on a few other shoes you wanted to set up a emergency fund. Looking good is just as important as feeling good, and having a good handle on your finances just feels GOOD! A good starting point to try is MINT.COM, a blessing in disguise :-).  Read my tips below to find out more about MINT and how it can help you!

Mint is FREE software that allows you to 
  • Track your current balances for  bank accounts, credit cards, students loans, personal loans, etc.
  • Set up Budgets to monitor how much you may be spending on things like shopping!
  • Monitor you Debt-Ratio
  • Stay on top of upcoming bills
Mint helps because
  • You can get email alerts just as a friendly reminder
  • It allows you to have all of your financial avenues in one spot
  • On the go access to your finances when you need to make a decision (THERE IS AN APP FOR THAT)
Tips to get the best out of your Mint account
  • Download the app on your phone!
  • Spend some time setting up a realistic budget- this will be useful when you need a quick reference or reality check
  • Don’t be scared- Mint is a secured site owned by Intuit and your social security number is not required. Real the security documents before you put your information in to ensure your comfortable!
Come back next week for more tips on how to own your finances and career choices as a young professional.

Earth Tones

Another day, another jeans and top pairing. I decided to go for a more lady like look this past Sunday for a lunch and shopping date with my girls. I paired a see through blouse and tied it to show a little bit of skin and added strappy sandals to complete the look. I kept my accessories to a minimum to keep it simple, just how I like it.
  • Green Blouse- H&M
  • J Brand Jeans- Marshalls 
  • Strappy Sandals- ShoeMint

Neon Orange

Helllo! First thing first I am not overly obsessed with these pictures. I have pondered posting them but my inner voice was saying do it. I don’t really like how the details of this outfit weren’t captured and Im so far away from the tripod. As always though every attempt is an attempt to improve. 

For a casual saturday I put on a regular t-shirt and jeans pairing with a pop of color. I didn’t plan on wearing the necklace when I envisioned this outfit but it works,

  • Black and White Tee- H&M
  • Ripped Jeans- Forever 21
  • Nude Heels- Zara
  • Orange Clutch and Necklace- Buffalo Exchange

Weekly Workwear

Effortless Compostion- Weekly Workwear

Equipment slim shirt
$290 – bloomingdales.com

Ankle jeans

3 1 Phillip Lim orange purse
$700 – harveynichols.com

Orange jewelry
$25 – nelly.com

Because thursdays are my favorite! This week I encourage you to bring camo into the office, its just so perfect. I think it would be best suited with matching green trousers for a clean monochromic look. I also added a pop of color with this ORANGE clutch which happens to be the color of the upcoming season. My orange inspiration stems from my Buffalo Exchange find yesterday, oversized orange clutch for 15 dollars, my kinda party! Black or nude pumps should do to keep this getup in the professional relm.

TIP- When choosing your accessories to compliment your workwear  I say less is more. Try pairing statement bracelets with a simple necklace or a statement ring with a bare neck.

Happy Working Ladies!

Tomboy Chic

Feels like summer in Oakland and I love it. I did a serious closet purge today and took the items to my local crossroads. As my personal style develops I do a closet review about every quarter to assess any items I have outgrown.  I found a ton of items that I have just been sitting and it felt so good to get them out of my closet! For today I decided to pull this sweater crop out finally, Wheat Boots, and my DIY ripped denim.  Not too excited about this background choice but its all in my growth process as a new blogger and photog, love these shots though!

  • )Crop Sweater- Nordstrom (similar here)
  • Destroyed Jeans- Thrifted, DIY (Ask Me How Below)
  • Wheat Studded Boots- Zara (old)
  • Bag- Alexander Wang

EC- Weekly Workwear Valentines Day

EC- Weekly Workwear Valentines Day

Longsleeve dress
$17 – newlook.com

Leather satchel handbag
$195 – zatchels.com

Mesh jewelry

Laura Mercier pink lips makeup
$33 – johnlewis.com

Happy Valentines Day Ladies! A day of love for yourself most importantly, and those who have the pleasure of having you in there life. When you feel good you look good so for work tomorrow try a cute and flirty long sleeve dress with a white button up underneath. This would look good with boots or heels but my style inclines me to oxfords to complete the preppy look. These metallic pink oxfords and matching satchel are to die for and perfect for work then some fun with your friends or lover. Let me see how you work this look!!!

Tip: When deciding if a dress is long enough for work do the bend/extend test- 1. bend over like your talking at someones desk,  2. bend down to pick up a pen, 3. extend to point or grab some documents. If at any point you find yourself tugging on your dress I would add some tights to the mix.