March 2014

Month: March 2014

Nope, it’s Casual Sunday

Sunday just calls for casual ease and fun! Its kinda amazes me how every sunday I get such a good feeling in my soul, its really a day of praise. Kept it simple with my usual jeans, top,and girly accents to keep it feminine. 

I wore my favorite sweatshirt which happens to be a mens piece. The sun was out today, but a long sleeve was still appropriate for this spring weather.  *sidenote* one thing that always bugged me with spring was I am never ready to give up my winter clothes! I just love dark clothes, pants, and long sleeves, so I usually say screw the season and wear what I want (hot and all LOL).  I also pulled out this older fringe purse that I used to adore, totally fun add of color to the mix.

  • Mens Nope Sweatshirt-  Forever 21 (get it here)
  • Jeans- Forever 21 (get it here) best 8 bucks i’ve ever spent in life
  • Yellow Fringe Bag- Marshalls (Old)
  • Neon Sandals- Target (Old)
  • Accessories- all from Forever 21

Spring Neutrals

For my workwear inspiration today I paired this beige silk blouse I scored over the weekend with some complimenting neutral tones.

Usually I tend to have more casual fun with my workwear since I was very confined too the corporate dress code at my prior job. But, duty called today for our Audit Committee meeting so this shirt seemed to be my best choice. This is actually the first silk blouse and I am in AWE, i’ve never loved a top so much. I was lucky enough to catch a couple of sale at UNIQLO for $20 which was more than 50% off. I would recommend investing in a few of these babies if you have’t already.

  • UNIQLO silk blouse- (Get it Here NOW)
  • Printed Trousers- Marshalls
  • Navy Bag- Old Navy
  • Berry Leather Pumps- Vince Camuto

Hella Midi Skirts

Casual sundays calls for tanks and midi skirts. Im sure this is the first but not the last you will get to see this skirt, I absolutely love it. 

 Nothing to special about this outfit for me, but it works. I feel it doesn’t tap into where I see my style evolving but i’m working on it. Pulled out my favorite sandals to go grab some lunch and enjoy this 80 degree weather.

  • Top- Brandy & Melville
  • Midi Skirt- Forever 21 (get it now here)
  • Sandals- Schultz
  • Bag- Alexander Wang

EC- Weekly WorkWear

Effortless Composition- Weekly WorkWear

Uniqlo blue dress


Maria La Rosa ankle socks

Alexander Wang leather boots
$430 –

Lanvin leather shoes
$550 –

Tod s red purse

B Low the Belt leather handbag

The shirt-dress, oh yes, I do think style is perfect for the workplace with each type of dress code (strict or not) because of the sheer timeless essence.  The endless opportunities of the styling is where the fun begins for me. I’ve been wanting to take a pass at the sheer socks and dress pairing before winter ends so this was the perfect outfit inspiration.  Kept it simple with black point loafer style or booty type heels to stay in line with work dress codes while complimenting each piece. 

Tip: Invest in quality work pieces you can wear outside of the office. By doing this you will gain much more satisfaction out of your wardrobe, I sure did. 

Time is Money

“why haven’t i started saving?”

I have been out of college for about 3 years now and I just started contributing to my 401K retirement account. For 3 years I had the opportunity to begin contributing but I kept putting it off, mistakenly. For many reasons, some we may have in common, I just could not bring myself to let the money go. I was scared I would be broke, I figured I had a ton of time (i’m nowhere close to 50), scared I wouldn’t be able to shop, figured the little money wouldn’t make a difference in the long run, to scared to admit I didn’t fully understand the process, made excuses because my company didn’t match. Looking back all of the reasons appear small to me, based on the mindset of fear, a mindset that young powerful women like ourselves should not entertain. It’s funny because I am accountant and I heard this all the time, but it just sunk in for me when my new company automatically enrolled me in our 401K @ 1% of my pay.  

So I realized today that I should share with you guys some good to know facts about 401K accounts and hopefully get you guys motivated to go enroll in a plan, learn more, or up your savings percentage……

First realize that people may say IRA (individual retirement account) or 401K  interchangeably, but overall they refer to the same concept. Many different forms are out there but I will only discuss the Traditional IRA (401K)  and the ROTH IRA.


  • First find out if your company has a matching plan (FREE MONEY, take advantage)
  • 403b refers to nonprofit/government retirement plans
  • Roth contributions are after tax and traditional contributions are before tax
  • Remember savings should not be withdrawn until you are 59 1/2 
  • Starting early is important, you should at least be contributing $50/month
  • You get a tax benefit for contributing (potential refund increase or credit)


  • A traditional 401K is usually a tax deductible plan which allows you to make pre-tax contributions.
    • e.g. – if you make 50K/year and contribute 1% you will end up contributing $500 by the end of the year to your retirement savings account. That approximately 19 bucks from every pay check.
  • Upon withdrawal traditional 401k’s are taxed as ordinary income with no special reduced tax rate.
  • If you take money from your traditional 401k before the specified age you will incur a 10% penalty unless you did things like:
    • bought your 1st home within 120 days
    • used money for medical insurance
    • used money for education
    • others
  • A ton of hypothetical calculations can be made but typically, waiting just 5 years to contribute can cause you to miss out on at least $40,000 ( PT $50 contribution,match, with good rate of return)

  • A ROTH 401k is a non tax deductible plan which allows you to make after-tax contribution.
    • e.g.- similar to the scenario above but after your job takes the takes out your gross pay.
  • With ROTH accounts you can pay now and withdraw later without having to pay taxes (restrictions apply)
  • The yearly max contribution to a ROTH is currently 5500, but changes every year with tax laws.
  • Traditional accounts can rollover to a ROTH account
SOOO now that you have all those confusing basics, how much and which one? hmm again all relative. At least 50 bucks a month should be your minimum. As far as which one without going into governmental what ifs,  the thought is later in life you will more than likely be in a higher tax bracket so now is the time to invest in your ROTH to take advantage of your low tax rate. I don’t yet, I would recommend taking complete advantage of your company match if available by doing the traditional 401k . But, IT ALL DEPENDS on your tax bracket and your argument, but the final question is when do you want to pay tax? 

I have a ton of scenarios which you can email me for if your interested in knowing more about 401ks. Please invest now!