April 2014

Month: April 2014

Grey: DIY Shirt Dress


For work today I wore this DIY shirt dress, my favorite boyfriend jeans, and my favorite booties. For a while now I have been wanting a blouse similar to this one, but all the ones I see are ridiculously overpriced or just not my style. Last night it hit me as I was thinking of what I could wear that could both address this heat and be work appropriate. I looked in my closet and saw this dress when my light bulb came on. Check out how I did it below.


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I Need A Mentor Thats?


“Get a mentor” “I met with my mentor” “My mentor told me” mentor this and that blah blah! You have probably heard these phrases from your co-workers or girlfriends; its a common theme among young women so I imagine you may have once pondered the thought of what having a mentor really means. Well, thats of course if your like me, a young woman who hasn’t actually had a true mentor before recently. I wasn’t privy to this type of support system growing up or even in college so it was a new concept for me up until a year ago.

So now that the research is done I figured I would share a important tidbit about mentoring:  What Qualities you Should Be Looking for ?

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