September 2014

Month: September 2014

Networking- Step by Step

Networking can be nerve-racking!  A motivational quote to remember what really matters anyone? Networking is about making a connection, but getting there people struggle with. You essentially have to approach a total stranger and figure out how to spark a viable conversation without any background. It can be tough and the brighter side is you’re not alone.


I still freeze up and revert back to my comfort zone, my friends. But, at the San Francisco Fashion Week reception a light bulb clicked for me. I knew I decided to attend SFFW because I wanted to network with other bloggers/fashionistas in the SF Bay Area. I knew if I walked out of that event having zero new contacts I would feel like a total failure. The pressure was on and with a clear goal, a good friend, a glass of wine, and a plan, I finally got the job done.

I approached a few ladies I had previously spoken to on Instagram but never met in person, and the others I simply approached with a ‘I like that” statement. Once the ice is broken the conversation takes off and it is your job to keep it going, if you want. I have put together a few quick tips of my own and from the awesome career website The Muse to help you upgrade your  networking skills.

1. Have a goal– Before committing to attend an event/mixer consider why you need to go and turn that into a goal. If you need to meet some folks in the finance industry set out to meet at least 3 of these people. This helps you hold yourself accountable.

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#SFFW14 – Look 1


#SFFW14 was hashtag of the night at the San Francisco Fashion Week Opening Ceremony. For the reception I opted for a more mod look that was simple yet stylish. I am coming to understand that my love for classic simple clothing runs deep, and I hate to put myself in a style box but I think the minimalist chic look is me. Dark colors are my favorite and it happened to be fall-eve so I was right on the money with my palette choice.




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the Blue Hat


I wore this blue hat, boyfriend jeans, and a white graphic tee to hang out with my awesome friend Amber. We swung by a Pop-up Shop and then captured these shots for the blog.

Sidenote-There is nothing like getting some good photos! I am literally smiling from ear to ear as I write this post just because I love how these came out. I usually take my style photos on my own with a tripod, running from spot to spot just in time to catch the timer. It’s not fun. So, I am always super grateful when someone will take the time to get some photos for me.





See Similar Look Below

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Women in the News- Grace Choi of Mink

Can you imagine making your own make-up and saving that $50 dollars you spend ever so often? Well that’s what entrepreneur Grace Choi wants to make a reality for all women. Her product, Mink, will allow you to create your make-up at home. All you will need is: a printer, vegetable based ink, white/un-dyed make-up base (powder, lipstick, creams,foundation), containers, and tools. Just listing this sounds daunting honestly, but I am so intrigued by this awesome woman.

After reading the Business Insider article I was inspired to do some more research. I have picked out what we can learn from her and why I she rocks. Catch her video to see the concept in action below.

c/o-Business Insider via Grace Choi Vimeo

What Can We Learn

1. Gain knowledge early on
She had entrepreneurial influences since she was a child and when she reached adulthood she had multiple mentors. Having an understanding of business early on is a great seed to begin planting those thoughts. When you have been privy to ownership in action you get an itch for it and I think this helps you in your own business planning. Also, mentors are key as I mentioned previously, you will need people who believe in you to achieve your dream. I recommend getting your hands on some books if you haven’t found the right person. From her story I see that having a good foundation can help.

2. Do not settle and do not quit

One of the things that intrigued me about Grace was she did not settle, at all. Her degree was in something totally different and after she realized Hotel Administration was not going to work for her, she didn’t just stick with for the hell of it. She had multiple jobs but once they didn’t work for she left. I admire that she did not depend on a job for her career, she made her own lane. Fulfillment is key to your career happiness and commitment to it, if you’re not fulfilled why stay? I think we can learn that fear and comfortability should not hinder you. Do not be afraid to find what will make you happy. I do not know what her money situation is and that was one of my questions. How could she just up and quit and still make a living? What about my responsibilities? These thoughts are fueled by fear and whatever your situation my be I suggest making a way when there is none.

3. identifying a problem then find the solution
The second thing that intrigued me was her outlook on the beauty industry in America. “I felt pretty insignificant when there was no Asian Cover model… America is supposed to be progressive” Grace Choir via Bus Insider. I could easily replace Asian with African-American and it becomes a problem I have as well. I think a great way to start your next big thing is to look inside first to realize what’s not working for you, more than likely a ton of people in the world are thinking the same thing. The key to entrepreneurship is fixing a problem for the masses. Once she found a problem she was passionate about she went to work on a solution .

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