December 2014

Month: December 2014

So Long 2014


This photo could sum up my year pretty much, a heavy head, a leather jacket and a consistent half smile. Combine that photo with the one below to add in everything else life threw at me, then you really would have a complete picture. All jokes aside, this year I’ve learned more about myself than I could have imagined.  I will save my reflections for a tea post so, lets discuss the look, I wore this to work on a rainy day and it was an instant favorite.





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Merry Christmas

IMG_3487Merry Christmas my loves. I figured I would share my holiday inspired look to get you right in the mood. A bright pop of red can really do the trick! Super thankful for life itself this year and honestly this year I was happy with just that. Enjoy your family and friends!



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Sex In The City Holiday Dinner


While we are on the topic of holiday parties I figured I should share what I wore to my latest dinner.  This year my friend put together a Sex in the City themed holiday party- ‘everything’ attire was recommended and I kept it simple. I pulled my inspiration from Kim K so I take no credit for really thinking this up, but I did find subtle ways to make it my own.




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What to Wear to your Holiday Office Party

Tis’ the season for open bar parties with your lovely co-workers, what will you wear?

Holiday Office Party

Shirts top

French Connection green sequin pants
$110 –

Pointed flat
$515 –

Schutz high heel sandals

BaubleBar bib necklace
Holiday Office Party

How to Take Your Own Blog Pictures Using a Tripod

No Boyfriend No Problem! A lot of people ask who takes my blog pictures and I proudly reply ‘myself’. I figured it would be good to share the in’s and out’s of how to get great blog photos using just your camera and a tripod.


What you Need

1. A sturdy tripod

2. A Camera with a timer

3. Optional- A camera remote

What I Use

1. Sunpak Ultra 7000 (Get it Here)

2. Canon Rebel T3I w/kit Lens and remote (Get It Here)

When I decided to seriously take on blogging the first thing I did was research the tools I needed to be successful. Since I couldn’t buy a boyfriend or pay my friends enough to take my pictures everyday I found the tripod alternative. This tripod  is a little pricier than some of the other tripod models but turned out to be the best one for me. Initially, I thought I needed the tripod to be at least my height, which is not true at all, so this limited my options upfront. Lastly, I wanted a tripod that was lightweight since I would be pulling it in and out of my car. The sunpak had met all of these needs so the price was worth it.

After more research I decided to go with a Canon DLSR camera. I knew I wanted my photos to be the best quality possible and after reading a ton of articles/blog post I went with a DSLR over a point/shoot. I also had previous experience with Nikon’s- I didn’t love the performance, Canon it was. I went with the EOS Rebel model because of my budget, need, and experience. I was a beginner so I wanted a good camera that was easy to work with and reasonably priced. I knew nothing about lenses at the time so I did not even go down that path, I went with the kit. Now that I understand cameras a bit better and can appreciate image quality I recently purchased a new lens :-). Once you get comfortable with your camera you are going to want a new lens. The kit lens does not capture sharp detail shots when I use a tripod or am in motion. I also knew I would need a preview screen that flipped so I could see the shot as I took the photos- I use this more now that I have a remote.


How to Get Photos With a Tripod

1. Choose a Good Location

You want to choose a low traffic location to make sure you are not distracted or uncomfortable. The more you do this the more comfortable you will become and a few people walking past won’t bother you. You also want to choose an area that has little background noise, like a plain wall, street, or clear pathway. Noise is a huge thing to consider due to the focusing of the camera, when you do not have a remote or a person to focus the camera you have to do this outside of the camera frame.

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