March 2015

Month: March 2015

A Recap of Amsterdam

Amsterdam was my favorite stop of the trip, if you ask me, take a look at the pictures below and you can get a feel for the entire city- it looks the exact same. It was extremely easy to maneuver around the city because almost everyone speaks fluent english and their were quiet a few cultural similarities. The coffee shops were everywhere just as expected and if your lucky you could make your way into one without getting hit by a bike. The bike life is very serious in Amsterdam and I probably wouldn’t let myself ride again just for everyone else’s safety. If you love dancing Amsterdam is for you, literally every single person in the club had rhythm and not afraid to go crazy-I loved it! I fell in love with Tomato soup at a bar I can’t remember the name of, best soup in the world. The Anne Frank museum/house was an amazing experience, I plan to read the book again. I didn’t get to see the tulip garden I was looking forward too-next time.

The Girls




The City




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A Recap of Prague

My trip seems like ages ago, but it has only been a week and that thought alone is kind of sad.

Without all of my photos, Prague would be a patchy memory jumbled with beautiful architecture, a history lesson, and cold weather. Prague, Czech Republic was technically the first stop on our euro-tour  and yes the city is one of the most gorgeous places I have been thus far.  Block to block you could expect medieval inspired buildings painted every pastel color invented. It looked like something out of Disneyland and that made me happy. I really enjoyed every part of Prague: the people, the food, the sight-seeing the hotel, the partying.

Check out some of my favorite shots below!

The City







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Morning Tea 3/27/15

Hello and welcome back!


It has been such a long time since I posted on the blog I felt like a formal greeting was only right. A ton of life factors contributed to my hiatus but I rather not dwell on all of that right now and focus on my life now.

I am in a really good place, fresh off my trip from Europe and New York, all I want to do with my time is celebrate life. I will share my experiences in a few of the cities and looks over the next couple of days.  If i learned anything overseas it is that life should be filled with passion and joy when you have that option. I visited Vienna, Prague, and Amsterdam and in each city I picked up on this theme of life. When we ate we were never rushed but encouraged to throughly enjoy our food and sit until we couldn’t sit anymore. The energy I felt was full of joy and celebration. I talked to multiple people who worked in different fields and to my surprise each person had a deep passion for their jobs – jobs that are looked down upon in the U.S.  Each person had a high regard for their position and knew the importance of giving it all you got. I honestly did not get it,  I am from a place where people are  in a rush to go no where and complain about the jobs they chose to apply for, myself included. But, I loved every moment because it made me realize what I needed to change in my life. Like I always say, I am extremely blessed, and i see so much more of my life could be lived being thankful for that. So I’m back in the states ready to celebrate every single day! At work I am focusing on how I can give 100%. In my social life I am ready to turn up every chance I get. As far as my dreams go, I will go after what I love with full force and without fear.

With that being said, let’s get back to this blog!