a Belt and a Dress

a Belt and a Dress

IMG_1281 Happy Monday Ladies! I hope you all enjoyed your weekend and  kept up with me via instagram (follow me HERE).  My best friend had her quarter century birthday brunch and I always enjoy myself when I am around this particular group of people, pure happiness! For my look, I opted for a grudge chic style by pairing a belt and a dress. IMG_1255 IMG_1264

*Get a similar look with links below * IMG_1280 IMG_1259 IMG_1268 IMG_1252 Some of this outfit may look very familiar and yes you are correct I wore the boots and dress (HERE). I love a dress I can wear over and over, it makes me feel like I actually got my moneys worth. This belt and dress combo came about a couple of days before my friends event as I was pondering what to wear to work. I threw on the dress and realized I did not want it to turn into the outfit I had already worn. From there I figured the dress was short enough to wear as t-shirt so I pulled this real cool belt I scored at a local thrift store. *Tip* a thrift store is a great place to find belts like this one, next time you go look in the belt section for both men and women. I also paired the dress and belt with these forever 21 jeans which have lasted almost 5 years and my zara boots. Funny enough almost every piece shown here was purchased on sale, nothing over $25.


  1. Drea says:

    Your lipstick is poppin’ here! Umm, about that belt though…it’s super fab, but I seriously would not know how to style it if I’d bought it. You wear it well, Brittiny!

    • Brittiny says:

      Thank You! I was actually contemplating on buying this none but I am glad I did. I usually not a belt girl but from this look I remember how it can totally change a look. Thanks for stopping by and showing your support, it is truly appreciated.

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