Best Magazine for Work Style Inspiration

Best Magazine for Work Style Inspiration

 I turn to magazines and other sources to find ways to mix up my personal style and stay current with the fashions of today. This is super important when it comes to my work style because I run out of ideas really quick. Workwear options can be very limited so looking to inspiration sources helps.


photo c/o- INSTYLE February 2015

My go to magazine is INSTYLE, I absolutely love this magazine because it always has a ton of looks that are perfect for the business causal environment. I think investing in a subscription would be great for your work style. I always find looks that I would have never thought to put together on my own.

I pulled a few of my favorite looks by INSTYLE that work well for a work dress code and are great ways to end the winter season!

IMG_0287_2photo c/o- INSTYLE February 2015


 photo c/o- INSTYLE December 2014


photo c/o- INSTYLE February 2015


photo c/o- INSTYLE February 2015

All in All, I like to go with my gut first and I am a total stickler for maintaining my individuality. In todays culture,  where I am bombarded with images of others, it is an easy to lose what I know to be my own personal style.  To combat this,  I focus on content in each inspiration piece I am lusting over. I ask myself what pulled me in- color palette? fit? accessories? or originality? By asking myself these questions I can pull what I admire most and attempt to recreate the look, not an easy copy/paste.

The easy steps I take above can become yours too, you just have to want it. Figuring out what makes your style, defined or not, your style is the beauty of getting dressed.

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