the Blogger

because a standard dress code doesn’t work for everyone.

because no one gave you a handbook on how to navigate your career.

Hello and Welcome, I’m Brittiny

A 20 something year old currently residing in the San Francisco Bay Area. I began this blog to share/develop every element that captivates the life of a young woman working to find her lane. Before I jump into the details let me summarize some key facts:

Stylesimple, effortless, edgy, undefined.

Career- CPA, working in Internal Audit and Compliance for a publicly traded company.  

Its Important- God, family, style definition, business, networking and branding.

So the blog, on any given day I expect you will likely find a post showcasing outfit inspirations. I did start this with intentions of developing a style blog, so this will be the main focus.  I would like to share tips on: how to just go for it when choosing what to wear,  personalize corp casual, achieving the simple style but still look amazing, and my favorite, smart shopping because I’m the biggest penny pincher *blame the accountant in me*.  Another huge part will be dedicated to young women of color starting there careers. This time in my life, fresh out of college entering corporate America, I wish I had more resources to go to. Specifically, I struggled with the dress code. I could never find a good outlet to get inspiration or the clothes I wished to wear. So  I am passionate about doing this for other women- work-wear tips , how to challenge conventions, and other fun things I wish I knew.