Bomber Jacket and a Midi Skirt

Bomber Jacket and a Midi Skirt


 Hello Loves, can you believe it’s mid-January already? Neither can I. I’m really trying to keep up with everything, it all seems to be going so fast.

This past weekend I met up with a couple of girlfriends to recharge for the weeks to come. I opted for my uniform- a t-shirt and less casual bottom- and I decided to throw in a bomber jacket to tackle the cold. I absolutely love meeting up with my friends to talk about our needs, wants, and capabilities. As I get older I value my sister-friend time more and more, its keeps me grounded (yes, these ladies are the sisters I always needed).








 So, the outfit, I purchased this grungy Pink Floyd t-shirt from Urban Outfitters this past week and I was dying to wear it. I had looked  all over for the perfect grudge tee to dress up, and UO granted my wishes. I think a t-shirt like this is the perfect staple to have in your closet if you are like me and love a little bit of edge.

As for the rest of the look,  I have had most of these pieces for ages now, and I have mixed and matched them countless times. The bomber jacket, which I love, is from Forever 21 circa 2013 and it has lasted quiet a while. I love how Forever 21  has those items that you never seen to remove from your wardrobe. The midi skirt compliments the grungy t-shirt by adding the perfect amount of femininity needed here to keep the look going. Another aspect I considered before deciding this was the look I was going to go with was color palette. I am totally ok with not matching, I do not care that much, as long as it looks good I am ok. When I put this outfit on I had trouble deciding what to pair with blue and ashy black. I went back and forth in my mind about how I would pull the colors together. I looked at the shirt and realized I could use any color in the shirt to bring the look together and lucky for me I had a matching bomber, shoes, and handbag.

•Bomber Jacket- Forever 21 • T-shirt –  Urban Outfitters (get it here) • Navy Midi Skirt- Marshalls • Heels- Zara •Handbag- Marc by Marc Jacobs •


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