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A Recap of Prague

My trip seems like ages ago, but it has only been a week and that thought alone is kind of sad.

Without all of my photos, Prague would be a patchy memory jumbled with beautiful architecture, a history lesson, and cold weather. Prague, Czech Republic was technically the first stop on our euro-tour  and yes the city is one of the most gorgeous places I have been thus far.  Block to block you could expect medieval inspired buildings painted every pastel color invented. It looked like something out of Disneyland and that made me happy. I really enjoyed every part of Prague: the people, the food, the sight-seeing the hotel, the partying.

Check out some of my favorite shots below!

The City







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Take a Vacation Every Weekend

This past weekend I took a much-needed mini-trip to Lake Tahoe with my girlfriends and it was exactly what I needed to catch a breath. The trip forced me to stop the jerky-ness and relax, focusing on just my peace of mind. When I made it back home it hit me- I could do this every weekend.


I decided to catch up on my blog reads instead of unpack and the first one on my list was Self-Love Sundays-A Dozen Roses. This post sat so well with my heart and really put the entire weekend into greater perspective. I sat thinking about how little time I had made for self-appreciation and how frustrated I had gotten when I don’t receive it from others. I sat thinking about how busy my life had become and how I had gotten so off track only 11 days into the new year.  I sat thinking about how uncool my life patterns were shaping out.

The life I lived this past friday-sunday looked nothing like the one mentioned above though. Everyday, only 3 hours away from home, I felt at ease and connected to where I was at that moment. My days were not rushed or fussy although I was still on the go with things to do.

As I sat in my thoughts, the only thing I could think of was how could there be a difference between how I lived while on vacation and while at home? As a young woman with a lot on her plate, just like many of you, I tend to focus on going until I can’t go anymore. During the week I move fast, right over all the peace and reflection that a vacation brings.  I didn’t realize I was unsettled with my everyday until I returned from my trip. I didn’t realize I had let 11 days  of a whole new year go by before I had taken time to assess how I was feeling- unfortunately letting ‘feelings’ roam unattended.

The good thing is I can pick up right from where I am at and move in right the direction. I realized I can take vacations like the one I took this past weekend, every weekend. A vacation can be in your own city, right down the street, because I think a vacation has more to do with where you are mentally not physically. Yesterday, I made a vow to take at least two vacations a month if not every weekend, I owe myself that much. The peace and happiness I experienced this weekend is something I value more than all the ‘busy-ness’ I have going on in my life- it is a must I cherish that.

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Chicago Called

I feel horrible because I have not been consistent with my blogging these past few weeks. Work has been super busy with our year end and every single moment of my free time seems to be consumed with other things. I could actually feel my mood shift recently (in a bad way) and I believe a factor was I wasn’t following through on my personal passions. Often as working women some many external tasks are thrown at us we push our own personal tasks to the back of the line unfortunately.  So today I woke up and remembered my daughter (my blog lol); I will be back in action with style post and business tips Friday!

Anyhow, I’ve been in Chicago since Saturday and I love this city to death, cold weather and all. I took advantage of a free trip and flew out a few days early to explore the city. One of the places I visited was the Field Museum and was amazed by the historic fashions they had on display. Many of the items, which were handmade, had breathtaking designs which I would certainly wear today. Wish I could of got these on my regular camera but my Iphone had to do, check the awesome pieces below!