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Morning Tea 3/27/15

Hello and welcome back!


It has been such a long time since I posted on the blog I felt like a formal greeting was only right. A ton of life factors contributed to my hiatus but I rather not dwell on all of that right now and focus on my life now.

I am in a really good place, fresh off my trip from Europe and New York, all I want to do with my time is celebrate life. I will share my experiences in a few of the cities and looks over the next couple of days.  If i learned anything overseas it is that life should be filled with passion and joy when you have that option. I visited Vienna, Prague, and Amsterdam and in each city I picked up on this theme of life. When we ate we were never rushed but encouraged to throughly enjoy our food and sit until we couldn’t sit anymore. The energy I felt was full of joy and celebration. I talked to multiple people who worked in different fields and to my surprise each person had a deep passion for their jobs – jobs that are looked down upon in the U.S.  Each person had a high regard for their position and knew the importance of giving it all you got. I honestly did not get it,  I am from a place where people are  in a rush to go no where and complain about the jobs they chose to apply for, myself included. But, I loved every moment because it made me realize what I needed to change in my life. Like I always say, I am extremely blessed, and i see so much more of my life could be lived being thankful for that. So I’m back in the states ready to celebrate every single day! At work I am focusing on how I can give 100%. In my social life I am ready to turn up every chance I get. As far as my dreams go, I will go after what I love with full force and without fear.

With that being said, let’s get back to this blog!


Take a Vacation Every Weekend

This past weekend I took a much-needed mini-trip to Lake Tahoe with my girlfriends and it was exactly what I needed to catch a breath. The trip forced me to stop the jerky-ness and relax, focusing on just my peace of mind. When I made it back home it hit me- I could do this every weekend.


I decided to catch up on my blog reads instead of unpack and the first one on my list was Self-Love Sundays-A Dozen Roses. This post sat so well with my heart and really put the entire weekend into greater perspective. I sat thinking about how little time I had made for self-appreciation and how frustrated I had gotten when I don’t receive it from others. I sat thinking about how busy my life had become and how I had gotten so off track only 11 days into the new year.  I sat thinking about how uncool my life patterns were shaping out.

The life I lived this past friday-sunday looked nothing like the one mentioned above though. Everyday, only 3 hours away from home, I felt at ease and connected to where I was at that moment. My days were not rushed or fussy although I was still on the go with things to do.

As I sat in my thoughts, the only thing I could think of was how could there be a difference between how I lived while on vacation and while at home? As a young woman with a lot on her plate, just like many of you, I tend to focus on going until I can’t go anymore. During the week I move fast, right over all the peace and reflection that a vacation brings.  I didn’t realize I was unsettled with my everyday until I returned from my trip. I didn’t realize I had let 11 days  of a whole new year go by before I had taken time to assess how I was feeling- unfortunately letting ‘feelings’ roam unattended.

The good thing is I can pick up right from where I am at and move in right the direction. I realized I can take vacations like the one I took this past weekend, every weekend. A vacation can be in your own city, right down the street, because I think a vacation has more to do with where you are mentally not physically. Yesterday, I made a vow to take at least two vacations a month if not every weekend, I owe myself that much. The peace and happiness I experienced this weekend is something I value more than all the ‘busy-ness’ I have going on in my life- it is a must I cherish that.

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Morning Tea 1/1/15

Happy New Year Loves, we made it through.

2014 was a great year filled with personal growth and I cannot wait to see what 2015 has in store, so cliché but true! Before I continue my life as is I feel it is important to reflect on what 2014 was all about and what I would want for my life in 2015. I am not into the resolution thing because just like my 30 days of gratitude challenge, I usually don’t stick to it. What I can stick to is an overall assessment of where I am today and where do I want to be tomorrow. And yes, it’s far past morning and its more like evening alcohol tea time :-).


 2014 was the year of enlightenment and what I would call my official transition into adulthood. Looking back I can clearly see how my path unfolded, starting with a seed planted in April 2013. Heartbreak, my first real heartbreak was the start of my path to becoming a grown woman. Back in April I didn’t understand what everyone meant by ‘your just are experiencing life’, ‘its something you have to go through’ or ‘welcome to the real world’; how could they say heartbreak was just a thing.

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Morning Tea 12/7

I sit, writing in pure mental limbo, with a glass of wine, work, and my thoughts. Its late but my mind is running by the millisecond (a trait that drives me crazy) so I figured it was the perfect time for a tea post.


So I’ll just start, whats going on with Brittiny behind the scenes of the blog photos ? Again, limbo, one week I will be totally fine and the next I’m completely lost searching for things I know I don’t want. This week has been filled with a search to fill a void that has sat with me. That void is actually the reason I ended up doing work on a saturday night, im cool with that though…

That was actually something I started on 11/30 and I decided to keep it because all that is mentioned above remains relevant. No wine this time, I opted for a white chocolate mocha and a Spotify playlist solely dedicated to my blog work. Song 1 DMX- Slippin, Song 2 DJ Quik- I Don’t Wanna Party Wit U,  Song 3 Eve- Let Me Blow Ya Mind, Song 4 India Arie- Video  starter pack just in case you need to make one.

The void and limbo is settled similar to that of still waters and I can thank myself for that. At the young tender age of 25 so many young women go through mental instability due to that you need to have it figured out thought. I need a good job, I need a man, I need a car, I need nice clothes, I need a bunch of crap that doesn’t bring you or me one step closer to happiness.  I was literally fed the fuck up and on 11/30 I stopped writing my scattered thoughts and decided to snap back to my reality. Read more

Style Your Life: recap of OPRAH’S Life You Want – day 1

LYWW-San Jose

This weekend I received a blessing that I will remember for a lifetime, I attended Oprah’s the Life You Want tour and heard multiple life changing messages. My friend Nneji told me to apply for a media pass and I did so with the thought that my blog couldn’t be big enough to actually get this. God works in mysterious ways to remove toxic thoughts because I did get approved for a media pass to attend the event. This pass got me great seats both days, a gift bag with a ton of goodies, and access to awesome pictures like the one above.

Day 1 of the Life You Want experience was all about Oprah and how she became one of the most influential women in history , the glistening hero of life . Hearing her inspirational words really fired up my spirit. She really honed in on the FACT that nothing is impossible and YOU have to believe your dreams will come true! You also have to find the courage to be your best self to truly be your best self. If you follow my on Twitter you might have caught a few of the live quotes.  To recap Day 1 I decided to share the great quotes from Oprah with you all, and as you read you may notice a theme. Sorry for the iPhone pictures, no DSLR cameras were allowed.



Words for Your Spirit

You are co-creating your life”

“You are speaking what you believe”

“Surrender to the glory that belongs to you”

“Be your best spiritual self…practice Prayer and meditation”

“Sit in silence to recognize there is no life without a spiritual life”

“We are not human beings having a spiritual experience we are spiritual beings having a human experience”

“Your hearts desire is a direct connection to your spiritual self”

Acts 17-28- a few of Oprah’s favorite biblical verses

one of Oprah’s favorite Poems – Invictus
Words for Your Calling
“Honor your calling”“Everyone has their own thread to fulfill their purpose. Your thread is that of your spirit seeking purpose.”“my Breakthrough moment came when I was being myself”

“I can be a better Oprah than being a pretend Barbara Walters “

“if your Job is not in alignment with your spirit -life is trying to move you in a new direction”

“Your job in life is not just to make money your job is to find your thread. everything you have done connects the threads of your life.”

“Your legacy will be everything that you had ever done”

“Whatever you do, you have not come here to keep it to yourself. Take what you have and offer it to someone else. Your life is validated by your service to others.”

“Dr King- everyone can be great because your greatness is determined by service.”

“I got myself removed from kindergarten that day!”

Morning Tea on 10/29/14

Morning Tea on 10/29/14? My tea is consumed by GRACE, the word at the core of my thoughts these days. It is popping up everywhere I look, my books, instagram, twitter, church, and I am captivated. It’s kind of hard to explain how I can be captivated by a single word but I’ll try too.


regular day digs get the iPhone pics

Before I speak on where I am at in my life today I will tell you what this post is. This post is me, what I do in the outfits you see, how I feel day-to-day, and why I blog even though it gets rough. I want my readers to know me, the women who read this to get a glimpse of my life behind the lens or screen. Yes, we are probably more relatable than you think.

Yall know I go to work every single day, sometimes excited sometimes not so much, and stare at spreadsheets from 9-6! There is literally nothing glamorous about being a CPA, but I love my career path. It’s so much to learn and the information I learn can be shared/taught to others easily, I enjoy that so much.

When I am not working I am having a full on battle with my mind- I literally think too many thoughts all the time. The ‘your 25 crisis’ is on back telling me I need to feel a certain way while the books I read tell me I am right where I need to be. To keep sane I set  daily reminders on my phone for celebration and reflection, in others words, reminders to remember I am doing a hell of a job at life and I need appreciate the blessings received/to be received. Simple things like that can get real tricky when you’re updating 50 million social media sites and trying to just keep it all relevant. Some days I say F it all and netflix until I fall asleep. I won’t even go into my relationship life. I volunteer, I shop, I do wine, I cook, I love candy and my mom. I love spotify. It’s all real.

So yes, relatable I am, I go through the common struggles of a 25-year-old woman. My life cannot be summed up in a perfect picture, my life isn’t perfect, so I wanted to share more to connect with you all. I try to stick to my niche which is career related stuff and personal style inspiration- my crazy life is a little bit outside those lines.

..rant in 5..4..3..2.1..

A big piece of me that is constantly showcased is my desire to give back to my people, my community. Standard information available to others at an early age that isn’t spread through the black neighborhoods of America. I am a firm believer that with the share of knowledge-style,finance, or career- a nation can be changed. Read more