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A Recap of New York

New York was uhhhh expensive! That’s the first thing I remember about the city, and next I would say a special place overall. I can’t deny the beauty that is embedded in the culture there, so many things to do and see. I actually saw snow fall for the first time in my life so that will be life long memory for me. Check out my last installment of vacation pictures below.




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A Recap of Amsterdam

Amsterdam was my favorite stop of the trip, if you ask me, take a look at the pictures below and you can get a feel for the entire city- it looks the exact same. It was extremely easy to maneuver around the city because almost everyone speaks fluent english and their were quiet a few cultural similarities. The coffee shops were everywhere just as expected and if your lucky you could make your way into one without getting hit by a bike. The bike life is very serious in Amsterdam and I probably wouldn’t let myself ride again just for everyone else’s safety. If you love dancing Amsterdam is for you, literally every single person in the club had rhythm and not afraid to go crazy-I loved it! I fell in love with Tomato soup at a bar I can’t remember the name of, best soup in the world. The Anne Frank museum/house was an amazing experience, I plan to read the book again. I didn’t get to see the tulip garden I was looking forward too-next time.

The Girls




The City




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Bomber Jacket and a Midi Skirt


 Hello Loves, can you believe it’s mid-January already? Neither can I. I’m really trying to keep up with everything, it all seems to be going so fast.

This past weekend I met up with a couple of girlfriends to recharge for the weeks to come. I opted for my uniform- a t-shirt and less casual bottom- and I decided to throw in a bomber jacket to tackle the cold. I absolutely love meeting up with my friends to talk about our needs, wants, and capabilities. As I get older I value my sister-friend time more and more, its keeps me grounded (yes, these ladies are the sisters I always needed).





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I Like Art Type of Girl


The first style post of the year and I am already frontin’- I do not like art that much but the title was a bit catchy to me. I do love this beautiful piece of work that I was able to capture during my trip home though. I wanted to do a fun shoot to kick off 2015 so I went to the Art District and got a ton (literally) of photos in my first fit of the new year.






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So Long 2014


This photo could sum up my year pretty much, a heavy head, a leather jacket and a consistent half smile. Combine that photo with the one below to add in everything else life threw at me, then you really would have a complete picture. All jokes aside, this year I’ve learned more about myself than I could have imagined.  I will save my reflections for a tea post so, lets discuss the look, I wore this to work on a rainy day and it was an instant favorite.





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