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Bomber Jacket and a Midi Skirt


 Hello Loves, can you believe it’s mid-January already? Neither can I. I’m really trying to keep up with everything, it all seems to be going so fast.

This past weekend I met up with a couple of girlfriends to recharge for the weeks to come. I opted for my uniform- a t-shirt and less casual bottom- and I decided to throw in a bomber jacket to tackle the cold. I absolutely love meeting up with my friends to talk about our needs, wants, and capabilities. As I get older I value my sister-friend time more and more, its keeps me grounded (yes, these ladies are the sisters I always needed).





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Top Post of 2014

Based on my stats the top post of 2014 was, Grey: DIY Shirt Dress, and I am actually really surprised at this.  I did love this particular look, but I didn’t consider it in my top five. Since I am in slight disagreement with my readers on this one I figured I would add what I though my top post of 2014 was, Ballin’ on a Budget.  Read what I think of these post today and why they made the top list below.

Your Top Post



I am just going to go ahead and say it, this was a trendy outfit and I am shocked this single post was viewed so many times. I think I posted this look right before the shirt dress trend started popping up in every online boutique. Looking back, I am happy I found a way to save $40 bucks by using an old dress to execute the trend but I haven’t worn this look since then (April).  I am also happy I was able to share that little trick with you guys, which in the end, helped you save $40 too. I would have been happier if I was promoting some real personal style here sans any trends, or just something a bit more ‘timeless-ness’.

Ok, enough reflecting on that, it makes me sad. Since then, I have worn this dress turned top and I completely transformed it. If you have a few of these shirt dresses in your closet I suggest rolling the flowing ends and then wrapping them around your waist to create a cute goddess inspired tee :-).

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My Top Post

New post


I can’t remember where the inspiration for the budget post came from; I was probably recovering from a shopping binge and felt the need to share tips with my readers. I took my time and went through what it took to build a simple but useful budget, step by step.  I do remember how I felt after hitting publish though- satisfied, complete, accomplished, and proud. Those feelings alone put this post at the top of my list, and the offline feedback I got from it really solidified everything I felt. My main goal is for my readers to walk away with information they can use to better some aspect of themselves, not just the pictures.  When multiple people reached out to me to say that it helped them out in their day to day lives I was overjoyed. I actually got the most ‘thank you, this post helped me’ responses off this and that makes it a top for me.

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Effortless Composition is 1

On December 16th,  Effortless Composition turned 1 years old and I was contemplating what to do to celebrate. I thought about doing the cute photos with the balloons, shooting a video, and even doing a giveaway, but none of those really felt like homegrown ideas. I then decided it would be great to use the first week of the new year to reflect on 2014 and the 1st year of Effortless Composition.


I will be celebrating by posting a few of my top 5 moments on the blog during the 1st year. To start, I’ll recap the top 5 things I am thankful for that have come into my life or occurred because of Effortless Composition.

5 Things I Am Thankful For

1. Self Discovery
Having a blog required me to take a deeper look into myself  and be 100% comfortable with who I am. In order to do that I had to read more, reflect more, and really walk the walk. I can say forsure having my blog helped this continuous life lesson come a lot sooner than it would have.

2. Friendships
I have met so many new people because of Effortless Composition that have made a great impact on my life. I am extremely grateful for the individuals I have met that have shared their time to share my vision.

3. Persistence and Patience
Before I started the blog I didn’t know enough about the practice of true persistence and patience. I am a millennial and I excepted things to happen instantaneously, so the days I got 0 views and had to keep positing were rough. Now, I know how important it is to just do what I feel in my heart and everything else will fall into place.

4. Accountability

This blog is so much bigger than me and my style post, I truly believe there is a huge purpose at the core of what Effortless Composition stands for.  I challenged myself in 2014 to act on the things I blog about by getting involved. I felt I couldn’t just be behind the computer when I have the chance to actually get involved in the lives of women right where I live. I felt I couldn’t let this platform to waste. I have the opportunity to really advocate a change in our society and I am thankful I can hold myself accountable for such a great cause.  If I didn’t start the blog I probably would have never found out about Wardrobe for Opportunity or even thought about going to the Oakland high schools to connect with young women.

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I Like Art Type of Girl


The first style post of the year and I am already frontin’- I do not like art that much but the title was a bit catchy to me. I do love this beautiful piece of work that I was able to capture during my trip home though. I wanted to do a fun shoot to kick off 2015 so I went to the Art District and got a ton (literally) of photos in my first fit of the new year.






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So Long 2014


This photo could sum up my year pretty much, a heavy head, a leather jacket and a consistent half smile. Combine that photo with the one below to add in everything else life threw at me, then you really would have a complete picture. All jokes aside, this year I’ve learned more about myself than I could have imagined.  I will save my reflections for a tea post so, lets discuss the look, I wore this to work on a rainy day and it was an instant favorite.





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Social Shopping- How You Can Save

Have you looked in the mirror today and admired how fly you are all on your own? At this time in your life that little task is one that should not be taken for granted, It could save you a ton on social shopping.

Social Shopping

So now that I have your attention what is this term ‘social shopping’? Social shopping is buying an item just to show it off on social media. I feel kind of silly writing this because it kills me to acknowledge it happens, but sadly so many of my sisters (brothas too) do this. I will remind you now that style has no price tag and a label does not make you more stylish (look at Rita Ora-no shade).  I will also remind you that affordability is not based on your credit card limit, we kind of forget sometimes that this is not money.  So how can you save- identify you’re doing this and stop. You can do it and I know you can because this season you will remember the validation you’re looking for is not on social media.

Are you feeling a little judged? Do not, I am not here to scold you but rather educate and enlighten. I have social shopped before and purchased some expensive stuff worn once for the gram. Looking back that probably was not even my true style, I just fell into a trap. These days I’m growing and learning who I am more and more each day and with the comes confidence that I used to justify elsewhere. So no judgement just awareness and honesty.

How to Save and Identify Social Shopping

Step 1- Decide Who Loves It

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