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Style Your Life: recap of OPRAH’S Life You Want – day 1

LYWW-San Jose

This weekend I received a blessing that I will remember for a lifetime, I attended Oprah’s the Life You Want tour and heard multiple life changing messages. My friend Nneji told me to apply for a media pass and I did so with the thought that my blog couldn’t be big enough to actually get this. God works in mysterious ways to remove toxic thoughts because I did get approved for a media pass to attend the event. This pass got me great seats both days, a gift bag with a ton of goodies, and access to awesome pictures like the one above.

Day 1 of the Life You Want experience was all about Oprah and how she became one of the most influential women in history , the glistening hero of life . Hearing her inspirational words really fired up my spirit. She really honed in on the FACT that nothing is impossible and YOU have to believe your dreams will come true! You also have to find the courage to be your best self to truly be your best self. If you follow my on Twitter you might have caught a few of the live quotes.  To recap Day 1 I decided to share the great quotes from Oprah with you all, and as you read you may notice a theme. Sorry for the iPhone pictures, no DSLR cameras were allowed.



Words for Your Spirit

You are co-creating your life”

“You are speaking what you believe”

“Surrender to the glory that belongs to you”

“Be your best spiritual self…practice Prayer and meditation”

“Sit in silence to recognize there is no life without a spiritual life”

“We are not human beings having a spiritual experience we are spiritual beings having a human experience”

“Your hearts desire is a direct connection to your spiritual self”

Acts 17-28- a few of Oprah’s favorite biblical verses

one of Oprah’s favorite Poems – Invictus
Words for Your Calling
“Honor your calling”“Everyone has their own thread to fulfill their purpose. Your thread is that of your spirit seeking purpose.”“my Breakthrough moment came when I was being myself”

“I can be a better Oprah than being a pretend Barbara Walters “

“if your Job is not in alignment with your spirit -life is trying to move you in a new direction”

“Your job in life is not just to make money your job is to find your thread. everything you have done connects the threads of your life.”

“Your legacy will be everything that you had ever done”

“Whatever you do, you have not come here to keep it to yourself. Take what you have and offer it to someone else. Your life is validated by your service to others.”

“Dr King- everyone can be great because your greatness is determined by service.”

“I got myself removed from kindergarten that day!”

Green Goes With Everything


This smile + my love for green runs deep, very deep, into my core. I can sit and say I am happy without any if ands or buts, and no everything isn’t perfect but I am happy! My moods change from day-to-day, but lately the smile has remained. This outfit though- easy and clean mix of green, highs, lows- along with the fact I got called the Boosie of Blogging. I thought it was the funniest thing ever and I am claiming it- I love me some Boosie so Im going to coin this from here on out.




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4 Ways to Choose Fall/Winter Investment Pieces

I was indulging in my morning blog reads when I came across a couple of posts that referenced  ‘investment pieces’ for this Fall/Winter season and then it hit me – what is an investment piece ? was it really a worthwhile investment? what makes something an investment piece? 

Investment Pieces
See above item details (here)

We commonly use this term to define items we are willing to spend a little bit more money on, but I wanted to dig a little deeper. A term can become so overused that its steers far away from its true meaning. So what’s the definition of an investment – a thing that is worth buying because it may be profitable or useful in the future – plain and simple? Nah, that definition was not enough for my curious mind so I thought to myself – should a clothing investment be treated just like typical investment? I instantly went for a no answer because clothing is not a real investment. I say real investment because despite what society has taught us, consumer purchases are the total opposite. For example, if you tried to take that $600 jacket to Crossroads tomorrow, with the tag still on, you would probably only walk out with a 100 bucks.  A worthwhile investment would fall into the categories of ownership, lending, and cash equivalents – they do not decrease in value they increase.

Ok, yes, clothing is not an investment but we all are guilty of thinking they are. To keep this post realistic I decided to scratch all the technical definitions and put together a guide to help you buy your next investment piece the right way. If we are going to call clothes, bags, and shoes investments then we should really treat them as such. You would not log onto E•trade and randomly pick a stock to invest in because you were bored, so do not pick your investment items that way either.

Here the 4 things you need to consider before you choose your next investment style purchase-you will possibly save yourself a couple hundred bucks.

 Your Goals– Are you really like really into fashion or is this just a phase for you?  Are you building a wardrobe you can pass along to your children?  Do you actually care about clothing qualities and not aesthetics alone? Your goals should be the first thing you consider before spending hundreds of dollars.  If building a wardrobe is truly something that falls into your life goals someway or another then I would say it is reasonable to spend a little bit more on what you want.

Risk– What is the risk you will lose money on the investment piece? In other words, is the item of good enough quality that it will last a while? Is the item so expensive it will get stolen? Is the coat material so delicate even rain would ruin it? Anything that can have you looking at the item like ‘I can’t believe this happened’ would be a risk.  Choose an item you know will be safe according to your means.

Volatility– Can you wear the item every month out of the year?  Will the investment go out of style in a few short months after a popular spell  to come right back out of nowhere? Volatility refers to how much  and how often something changes (specifically financial instruments).

Expected Return– How much do you expect to get from the item per year? Will you be able to wear the investment for years? If you are able to look at a piece and say ‘I would wear this 5 years from now and still be great’ your expected return is on the high side. The greater the return the greater the risk, and for our purposes this would translate into high cost or even high likelihood of theft from a local hater.

See what I did their? You just learned how to choose your real investments while possibly saving money on clothes.  Each of the four points above are key to choosing your next stock investment, loan, or property purchase.   Each of these four points also tie into formulas which would give you the best type of investment for your situation, so please if you are using these steps to really invest (real investments) use them as a starter guide and do a lot more research. For clothing purposes, if these points are looking good for you then it’s a good investment – go ahead and BUY.

I will close with a few thoughts

• Financial constraints are real – consider before investing • Never put all your eggs in one basket • Your money should be working too • You make the clothes, they don’t make you •