Easy Does It

Easy Does It

 This saturday was all about comfort for me as I hauled huge bags of clothing to multiple crossroads to sell. I’ve been wanting to wear this gorgeous sleeveless sweater so I paired it with some really baggy pants for my ease and comfort clause. Earth tones have been my go to this spring season.

Lately i’ve been really working on myself and trying to build my relationship with God. At this time in my life I feel its crucial for me to align myself on the path I want to be on. One of the areas I worked on this weekend was de-cluttering my space with all the ‘stuff’ I have no need for. I have no room for any extra weight in my life so I figured it was time to let any pieces of clothing I purchased on impulse or would never wear again GO! It feels good to shred these layers from my closet; little by little I see which pieces are true definitions of my style vs a trend I picked up. So, from woman to woman I encourage you to de-clutter your space and see how much excess weight you can get up off you! (sidenote: the pictures here seem a bit fuzzy when I upload them to blogger but not on any other website, any insight as to why?)
  • Yellow Knit Sweater- Zara (get it here)
  • Pants- Thirfted (talbots, oversized and DIY skinny leg)
  • Bag- Zara
  • Strappy Heels- Shoemint


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