Effortless Composition is 1

Effortless Composition is 1

On December 16th,  Effortless Composition turned 1 years old and I was contemplating what to do to celebrate. I thought about doing the cute photos with the balloons, shooting a video, and even doing a giveaway, but none of those really felt like homegrown ideas. I then decided it would be great to use the first week of the new year to reflect on 2014 and the 1st year of Effortless Composition.


I will be celebrating by posting a few of my top 5 moments on the blog during the 1st year. To start, I’ll recap the top 5 things I am thankful for that have come into my life or occurred because of Effortless Composition.

5 Things I Am Thankful For

1. Self Discovery
Having a blog required me to take a deeper look into myself  and be 100% comfortable with who I am. In order to do that I had to read more, reflect more, and really walk the walk. I can say forsure having my blog helped this continuous life lesson come a lot sooner than it would have.

2. Friendships
I have met so many new people because of Effortless Composition that have made a great impact on my life. I am extremely grateful for the individuals I have met that have shared their time to share my vision.

3. Persistence and Patience
Before I started the blog I didn’t know enough about the practice of true persistence and patience. I am a millennial and I excepted things to happen instantaneously, so the days I got 0 views and had to keep positing were rough. Now, I know how important it is to just do what I feel in my heart and everything else will fall into place.

4. Accountability

This blog is so much bigger than me and my style post, I truly believe there is a huge purpose at the core of what Effortless Composition stands for.  I challenged myself in 2014 to act on the things I blog about by getting involved. I felt I couldn’t just be behind the computer when I have the chance to actually get involved in the lives of women right where I live. I felt I couldn’t let this platform to waste. I have the opportunity to really advocate a change in our society and I am thankful I can hold myself accountable for such a great cause.  If I didn’t start the blog I probably would have never found out about Wardrobe for Opportunity or even thought about going to the Oakland high schools to connect with young women.

5. Creativity

Having a blog has challenged my creativity in every way possible and I am thankful for that. It required me to start writing again. I have learned more about photography than I could have ever imagined. I have also learned so much about my style and the art of getting dressed in way I did not understand before. Having a style blog requires thinking outside of the box and giving readers something they don’t see everyday, that is not easy all the time.  When I started the blog I thought I knew everything  and with this blog I learned that was not 100% true, I am thankful for that.

I’ve learned so much this past year and a lot of it can be attributed to this blog. I laugh and cringe when someone calls my blog ‘cute’, oh the disrespect, but it is because a lot of people do not understand how much work goes into it. I am thankful for all the work though and cuteness comments, both have changed me for the better. Looking back it has been a roller coaster ride this year and I am excited to see what comes in 2015.

Up next.. Top 5 Post of the 2014

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