Women in the News- Grace Choi of Mink

Women in the News- Grace Choi of Mink

Can you imagine making your own make-up and saving that $50 dollars you spend ever so often? Well that’s what entrepreneur Grace Choi wants to make a reality for all women. Her product, Mink, will allow you to create your make-up at home. All you will need is: a printer, vegetable based ink, white/un-dyed make-up base (powder, lipstick, creams,foundation), containers, and tools. Just listing this sounds daunting honestly, but I am so intrigued by this awesome woman.

After reading the Business Insider article I was inspired to do some more research. I have picked out what we can learn from her and why I she rocks. Catch her video to see the concept in action below.

c/o-Business Insider via Grace Choi Vimeo

What Can We Learn

1. Gain knowledge early on
She had entrepreneurial influences since she was a child and when she reached adulthood she had multiple mentors. Having an understanding of business early on is a great seed to begin planting those thoughts. When you have been privy to ownership in action you get an itch for it and I think this helps you in your own business planning. Also, mentors are key as I mentioned previously, you will need people who believe in you to achieve your dream. I recommend getting your hands on some books if you haven’t found the right person. From her story I see that having a good foundation can help.

2. Do not settle and do not quit

One of the things that intrigued me about Grace was she did not settle, at all. Her degree was in something totally different and after she realized Hotel Administration was not going to work for her, she didn’t just stick with for the hell of it. She had multiple jobs but once they didn’t work for she left. I admire that she did not depend on a job for her career, she made her own lane. Fulfillment is key to your career happiness and commitment to it, if you’re not fulfilled why stay? I think we can learn that fear and comfortability should not hinder you. Do not be afraid to find what will make you happy. I do not know what her money situation is and that was one of my questions. How could she just up and quit and still make a living? What about my responsibilities? These thoughts are fueled by fear and whatever your situation my be I suggest making a way when there is none.

3. identifying a problem then find the solution
The second thing that intrigued me was her outlook on the beauty industry in America. “I felt pretty insignificant when there was no Asian Cover model… America is supposed to be progressive” Grace Choir via Bus Insider. I could easily replace Asian with African-American and it becomes a problem I have as well. I think a great way to start your next big thing is to look inside first to realize what’s not working for you, more than likely a ton of people in the world are thinking the same thing. The key to entrepreneurship is fixing a problem for the masses. Once she found a problem she was passionate about she went to work on a solution .

Why I Think She ROCKS


1. Her idea was too big
When I read this I had a ton of questions and thoughts of ways Mink would not work. What about the mess? What about the time and effort? What about luminosity elements? What about how color changes on different skin tones? Are their dangers? These questions alone would have stopped me in my tracks. Not to mention the amount of critics she must have throwing cants at her. But, It did not , it did not stop her from wanting to cure a problem so great it could affect millions. It would cost millions too, but a beauty revolution is still her end goal. Don’t dumb down your goals because they may be too big or sound silly to some. She definitely reminded me of my purpose.If I do not try to put an end to a problem who will?

2. She continued after a loss
Like all the entrepreneurs say, you will hear so many no’s before you get a yes. I think it takes a true revolutionary to continue after doors have closed.

3. Money is not the motive
Lastly, she isn’t going after her huge dream for money. From her interviews it seems she is more interested in educating women and tackling the diversity issues in America. I read her interviews and never once has she focused on how much she could make but what she could do. I admire anyone with true passion to help and not personal gain. When you are genuine and comfortable with what you stand for people admire that and will want to support you. The money will come when you do what you love, you do not have to chase it.

I recommend reading the article linked above to read more on her story and get inspired. You may have a ton of questions about if this plan will actually come to fruition, and I say it does not even matter. I hope it does and honestly I’m inspired by Grace’s journey and drive. I love coming across young women in the business world who are going after what they believe in. It helps me re-wire my own thoughts and get up off my butt. If entrepreneurship is in your path or not I think its great to start thinking about how you can change a problem in your backyard. What will you do to make a difference?

More awesome women to come, real ones who should be gloried daily in the media for their contributions to a better society.

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