Grey: DIY Shirt Dress

Grey: DIY Shirt Dress


For work today I wore this DIY shirt dress, my favorite boyfriend jeans, and my favorite booties. For a while now I have been wanting a blouse similar to this one, but all the ones I see are ridiculously overpriced or just not my style. Last night it hit me as I was thinking of what I could wear that could both address this heat and be work appropriate. I looked in my closet and saw this dress when my light bulb came on. Check out how I did it below.






So I had this H&M dress I purchased last year sometime which was perfect match for this project. The jersey cotton is really lightweight so the fabric forms around my body. Also, since the fabric is so light once I started cutting the edges of the dress would curl up rather than look so stiff. Anyhow, here are the really easy steps below finally:

1. Find the seam of the dress a move 3 inches towards the middle front of the dress.

2. Make sure you have sharp scissors!

3. Start cutting at a curved angle and then let the scissor glide working you way back towards the seam, this will ensure the front piece sits right between your legs.

4. If you have time take a couple measurements to ensure your side are even, then do the other side.

5. Boom your done, if its a little uneven don’t worry to much, the jersey fabric again curls up at the ends you cut.

  • Jeans- Cotton On
  • Mesh Booties- Forever 21
  • Clutch- Zara
  • Accessories- Forever 21



  1. Britney Boyd says:

    I love your style and blog! So chic and effortless. When I saw the name of your blog I was like omg…while brainstorming names for my blog I thought about calling it then chic composition. Like a notebook of my personal style! I love the name though. Follow me on ig @herguiltlessgarb. I’m a new fashion blogger and new to ig. We can support each other. Plus all girls with the name Britney no matter how it’s spelt should support one another lol

  2. Marquesa Wright says:

    You inspire me to take pieces I have in my closet and create things that people spend crazy money on everyday

    • Brittiny Terry says:

      Thanks so much for that! That is one of the main reason why I do this so I’m glad to hear it! Inbox me if you need any further advice on how to use what you have and love it.

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