Look 1- How to Dress for 25

Look 1- How to Dress for 25

Are your work clothes to youthful or to aging? This is the inspiration for this month’s workwear theme as I get back to our regular scheduled program, weekly outfits you can wear to work.

“Dressing your age means feeling comfortable in your own skin and working with what you’ve got.”


I just had my 25th birthday and a few conversations with my friends that covered this topic exactly. I want to feel 25 and dress like it too.

Sidenote: everyone has a different interpretation of what something looks like, so these will be based on my opinion as always and are no way a hard and fast rule. I am a firm believer in the quote above by Veronica Swanson Bear feat. in Harper’s Bazaar. Wear what makes you feel good and defines you no matter what! A part of this is as you age you change, you get more mature, your body changes, and you have a new definition of what it means to be a woman.  So the dressing your age series will try to address that aspect!

For me, 25 is the year of getting your sexy on while still keeping your look very playful, and really I just do not want to look like a 21-year-old (love you guys though). I’ve pulled all the really aging starter slacks out of closet. These tend to make me look droopy and a little sloppy, which totally counters what I want my 25 to look like. I have also pulled cardigans, for me these are too safe and can too easily allow me to skip putting together a sexier look. So what changes have you made to look your age, I really want to know?


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