Look 1- Chic Minimalism for Less

Look 1- Chic Minimalism for Less

The theme for the November workwear lookbook is all about clean lines and structured sets- Neat November. The first look is minimalism, a look circulating the blogs and magazines this season. I love it and you should to because you probably have these pieces in your work wardrobe already. Now its time to style them the right way.

Chic Minimalism

Uniqlo beige sweater
$47 – uniqlo.com

Nly Shoes zipper boots
$63 – nelly.com

Pieces shoulder strap bag
$50 – pieces.com

Now, if you’re looking at the above work style and saying to yourself ‘I HAVE NONE OF THESE’ find your local Uniqlo and Zara. Uniqlo has a great variety of quality blouses and pants that you can incorporate in your office style (and beyond) for the long-term. I like their clothing because unlike many fast fashion retailers (H&M), the quality standard here is a bit higher for most of the items. Once you have your pieces together focus on the fit and how these look on your body, this is the most important part of neatness. You do not want to look frumpy, but, fab and you can do this by accentuating what you have. For me, I tend to go for a looser fitting tops and accurate bottoms.Do not forget the cool booties, these really make the outfit youthful and fun.

Grab a bootie with a killer pointy toe or rugged detail and this can be your show stopper. You may notice the pants are cropped and I choose these because I wanted a pant that would not drown my boots. When you do this look go for an ankle pant or a cropped cuff pant to highlight in the right way.

Let me know if this look works for you!

XoXo- BT

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