Look 3- How to Dress for 21

Look 3- How to Dress for 21

How to dress for work at 21 has never been made easier and we are discussing this for our third installment of ‘the AUGUST ages’.

Weekly Workwear-How to Dress for 21

Uniqlo white top
$33 – uniqlo.com

Long coat

Work clothes at the fresh age of 21 can be a real pain, I truly despised all business casual attire. I had a couple of problems with the workwear: 1. I  hated cardigans 2: I couldn’t afford what I really wanted. I often found myself wearing regular ol’ slacks and of course cardigans because of its ‘work staple’ nature. It was really hard to go from college where I had been free for 4 years to strict dress code. I was boxed in for years, and just recently I got out and realized I could have done more to adapt then.
So, how do you dress for 21? My thoughts are surround by this concept of keeping your youth. Money will be tight so buy pieces you can wear outside of work, like everything you see pictured here. Each item can be mix-and-matched and are perfect for a business causal dress code. It does not scream ‘ I am fresh out of college’ but it does scream ‘i am sophisticated and funky’ (sophisticated sound mature so it works :-).

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