Mixing Prints and Pieces

Mixing Prints and Pieces


This past Sunday I decided to get a little playful and pull some unconventional pieces together. I wore a camo tee from Target with a striped tube dress from Zara. I couldn’t decide how to wear this look so I wore it two ways in one day (talk about maximizing a fit).





For Sunday brunch my look (not pictured) was a bit more casual. I ditched the heels from some black sandals and pulled the dress up to its natural position. I decided not to take the camo tee off for two reasons-1. I liked the contrast patterns, very different 2. I’m to lazy to deal with strapless bra’s. sidenote I really hate strapless bras, they were created by the devil himself. I wish I could have gotten photos of this look, but I loved what the tee did for the dress. The edge I needed to feel stylish was their with a silent ‘I’m just me’ scream. For the night, I pulled the dress down right above my hips so the peplum detail could fall appropriately. I also wanted to make sure the pockets were not too far down my legs creating pure awkwardness. I pulled these old (uncomfortable) zara heels out to top the night look off. These photos aren’t the most flattering or a favorite, but I would rather share this inspiration to show you what you can do with your tube dress. You just walked right into at least 2 new outfits, you are welcome!

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