Morning Tea on 10/29/14

Morning Tea on 10/29/14

Morning Tea on 10/29/14? My tea is consumed by GRACE, the word at the core of my thoughts these days. It is popping up everywhere I look, my books, instagram, twitter, church, and I am captivated. It’s kind of hard to explain how I can be captivated by a single word but I’ll try too.


regular day digs get the iPhone pics

Before I speak on where I am at in my life today I will tell you what this post is. This post is me, what I do in the outfits you see, how I feel day-to-day, and why I blog even though it gets rough. I want my readers to know me, the women who read this to get a glimpse of my life behind the lens or screen. Yes, we are probably more relatable than you think.

Yall know I go to work every single day, sometimes excited sometimes not so much, and stare at spreadsheets from 9-6! There is literally nothing glamorous about being a CPA, but I love my career path. It’s so much to learn and the information I learn can be shared/taught to others easily, I enjoy that so much.

When I am not working I am having a full on battle with my mind- I literally think too many thoughts all the time. The ‘your 25 crisis’ is on back telling me I need to feel a certain way while the books I read tell me I am right where I need to be. To keep sane I set  daily reminders on my phone for celebration and reflection, in others words, reminders to remember I am doing a hell of a job at life and I need appreciate the blessings received/to be received. Simple things like that can get real tricky when you’re updating 50 million social media sites and trying to just keep it all relevant. Some days I say F it all and netflix until I fall asleep. I won’t even go into my relationship life. I volunteer, I shop, I do wine, I cook, I love candy and my mom. I love spotify. It’s all real.

So yes, relatable I am, I go through the common struggles of a 25-year-old woman. My life cannot be summed up in a perfect picture, my life isn’t perfect, so I wanted to share more to connect with you all. I try to stick to my niche which is career related stuff and personal style inspiration- my crazy life is a little bit outside those lines.

..rant in 5..4..3..2.1..

A big piece of me that is constantly showcased is my desire to give back to my people, my community. Standard information available to others at an early age that isn’t spread through the black neighborhoods of America. I am a firm believer that with the share of knowledge-style,finance, or career- a nation can be changed.

I have to do my part for my sisters. I have to show young women who look like me you can be great as fuck with your natural God-given beauty, no enhancements needed. I have to build platforms because their aren’t enough black women in fashion magazines still-sorry it’s true. Its needed cause the way my body is set up I can’t fit that shit and i wont look like that, so I want to see more of the Claire Summers. I have to share information on how to be successful in your career with women who look like me because they will take it back to the men. With one click I am put on a platform that will connect me with millions and I won’t take that for granted. I’ll reach out to my sisters and give them information that matters not distracts.

How I got their ↑ I am still trying to figure out- must have been for someone.  Anyway, today 10/29/14 , my mind is running with the word Grace. I will go and look up the root and dissect it to understand what it means and how I can get it. I think it’s in me somewhere but I want this word to define me. Today, the only thing I want to do is be better and happier than I was yesterday and understanding grace can do that.  This week has been a challenging one and probably for the the first time in months I haven’t been worried about instaworld. I’ve been so busy living I really haven’t had time to live there too, and that’s an accomplishment for the books. I was watching my followers go up and down for a while trying to achieve the superficial status that comes with a following. God straight removed that by blessing me with so much life and lately I’m living. The month has been all about understanding who I am and focusing on things that coincide with that. It’s a lot honestly because I know who I am but identifying who I am forsure is tough. I have to really be about living my life to figure that out. I have to be a constant learner to learn more about me. Words help (Grace) . Friends help (Amber) . Books help (Aspire).

I’ll end my journal entry their- open and unfinished like me. It’s a good stopping point though, and next time around, sans my intro rant, I can’t imagine what I will say. 


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