Morning Tea 1/1/15

Morning Tea 1/1/15

Happy New Year Loves, we made it through.

2014 was a great year filled with personal growth and I cannot wait to see what 2015 has in store, so cliché but true! Before I continue my life as is I feel it is important to reflect on what 2014 was all about and what I would want for my life in 2015. I am not into the resolution thing because just like my 30 days of gratitude challenge, I usually don’t stick to it. What I can stick to is an overall assessment of where I am today and where do I want to be tomorrow. And yes, it’s far past morning and its more like evening alcohol tea time :-).


 2014 was the year of enlightenment and what I would call my official transition into adulthood. Looking back I can clearly see how my path unfolded, starting with a seed planted in April 2013. Heartbreak, my first real heartbreak was the start of my path to becoming a grown woman. Back in April I didn’t understand what everyone meant by ‘your just are experiencing life’, ‘its something you have to go through’ or ‘welcome to the real world’; how could they say heartbreak was just a thing.

 Then, my world had shrunk and I felt I was the only one who really understood that what I was feeling was bigger than a phrase. Me being who I am I set out to get my big world back as quick as I could and figure it all out. From that point on I was never the same. Fast forward to today, I can reflect on the seed that started it all, I was forced to get out and explore a world I hadn’t. This was probably the best thing to happen to me because while I was searching I developed an interest in books, travel, spirituality, and most importantly myself.  Before, I was so consumed and comfortable with the life I was living I never really needed to venture out of what had worked for me since I was 19. I look back a year-ish ago amazed at what a single seed of change can do. In 2014, all of those interests became passions that allowed me to grow up and grow out. In 2014 I’ve read more books than I had ever read in life willingly, shout out to my new vocabulary. I won’t go through everything but during this past year I realized how afraid I was to live, how much weight I placed opinions, how much things didn’t matter. Seeing things in a new light made me act different and, most importantly, think different. I had rough patches during the year but they are speed bumps when I look back at my year.

I learned how to value those I love more, today I call and text my mom 3x as much as I use to and I often remind her how much she is loved. Its small but I didn’t realize how much I didn’t do this until I changed.

I really found out what it means to love myself and how important it is to a relationship. You wake up everyday and say ‘yes of course I love me’ but I found its more to loving yourself when you undercover who you really are, what you do, why you do it, and what it all means.

I actually began to walk the walk in the communities I identify with.

I significantly decreased the amount of time spent on celeb media blogs and Instagram. During the last few months of 2014 I literally asked myself why I gave two freaks about what celebs were doing with their lives? I do not know them and honestly I just don’t care at all. In the past, I didn’t have enough true interest to keep me busy which started the addiction, today I know better.

My friendships were at an all time high as well.

2014 was a good year and I am thankful God blessed me with all that he has. If I continue, this rant will get unruly because I am literally writing my reflection- unrehearsed (but censored slighty). Half way through I asked myself what would be the point of my post, what can someone learn, what can someone take away? An hour ago my answer was a big fat I don’t know, but the point of this just hit me. We may be extremely different or extremely similar but one thing I know for sure is change is a necessity in life. If I ignored my sign from God back in April 2013 I would probably not be blogging, somewhere living at the median level of my potential for right now. I didn’t, I changed my whole shit up and learned more than I could have imagined along the way. A lot of people close to me still don’t understand it, but the most important thing is I do. So, yes, change is good.

2015 oh baby, the greatness is flowing through me and I am ready to continue on. Funny, but in all seriousness I look forward to this year because I’m digging for my path and purpose. I am so ready for overdrive to kick in and kind of ready for all the work that will be required of me. My hill is getting steep and it takes a lot to push on but again, I am ready and I will take it day by day in style.

I want to continue the year without fear or mediocrity, covering in grace and good vibes.

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