I Need A Mentor Thats?

I Need A Mentor Thats?


“Get a mentor” “I met with my mentor” “My mentor told me” mentor this and that blah blah! You have probably heard these phrases from your co-workers or girlfriends; its a common theme among young women so I imagine you may have once pondered the thought of what having a mentor really means. Well, thats of course if your like me, a young woman who hasn’t actually had a true mentor before recently. I wasn’t privy to this type of support system growing up or even in college so it was a new concept for me up until a year ago.

So now that the research is done I figured I would share a important tidbit about mentoring:  What Qualities you Should Be Looking for ?

You Will Need a Mentor That(s):

Career Driven

  • Currently in or working towards a position in their company that you also wish to be in one day
    • Look for someone who can tell you what it takes to get where they are. This person should have the technical skills and face-time abilities needed to exceed in a executive position.
  • Has an actual interest in mentoring others
    • Do not waste your time with someone thats going to half-ass your relationship.
    • Enough said, don’t waste your time if bullet #2 is not executed.
  • Has something you can help with or contribute too
    • Mentoring is gift, so the best way to get a mentor who will do the above bullet with a true continued passion is to also bring something to the table. Figure out how you can be helpful to them in there career or goals to show your serious about the relationship.

Personal Haven

Having personal mentors is just as important as having a mentor for your career. They more than likely will be different and should have the qualities below.

  • Bullets 2-3 are crucial here too!
  • The type of woman you want to be in life
    • Yes, I did say  Woman! Sorry, but a Man can’t understand your personal struggles as a woman so im biased on this one.
    • Although your goals do not have to align, your foundation should, what lady like means -what family means-what spirituality means.
  • Willing to provide advice regarding your personal goals and life choices
    • This woman should be able to relate to your stories about the guy who broke your heart to your yearning to have your own business.

So there you have it! You now have a check list to find the perfect mentor for you, and please do not sale yourself short these are crucial bare minimum requirements. I’ve asked multiple individuals in different careers  paths, industries, and levels, these are the recurring qualities I gathered together. Put yourself out there to find these folks, networking will be your best bet. Once you get a good one, keep them and the relationship strong!

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