Style Your Life: recap of OPRAH’S Life You Want – day 1

Style Your Life: recap of OPRAH’S Life You Want – day 1

LYWW-San Jose

This weekend I received a blessing that I will remember for a lifetime, I attended Oprah’s the Life You Want tour and heard multiple life changing messages. My friend Nneji told me to apply for a media pass and I did so with the thought that my blog couldn’t be big enough to actually get this. God works in mysterious ways to remove toxic thoughts because I did get approved for a media pass to attend the event. This pass got me great seats both days, a gift bag with a ton of goodies, and access to awesome pictures like the one above.

Day 1 of the Life You Want experience was all about Oprah and how she became one of the most influential women in history , the glistening hero of life . Hearing her inspirational words really fired up my spirit. She really honed in on the FACT that nothing is impossible and YOU have to believe your dreams will come true! You also have to find the courage to be your best self to truly be your best self. If you follow my on Twitter you might have caught a few of the live quotes.  To recap Day 1 I decided to share the great quotes from Oprah with you all, and as you read you may notice a theme. Sorry for the iPhone pictures, no DSLR cameras were allowed.



Words for Your Spirit

You are co-creating your life”

“You are speaking what you believe”

“Surrender to the glory that belongs to you”

“Be your best spiritual self…practice Prayer and meditation”

“Sit in silence to recognize there is no life without a spiritual life”

“We are not human beings having a spiritual experience we are spiritual beings having a human experience”

“Your hearts desire is a direct connection to your spiritual self”

Acts 17-28- a few of Oprah’s favorite biblical verses

one of Oprah’s favorite Poems – Invictus
Words for Your Calling
“Honor your calling”“Everyone has their own thread to fulfill their purpose. Your thread is that of your spirit seeking purpose.”“my Breakthrough moment came when I was being myself”

“I can be a better Oprah than being a pretend Barbara Walters “

“if your Job is not in alignment with your spirit -life is trying to move you in a new direction”

“Your job in life is not just to make money your job is to find your thread. everything you have done connects the threads of your life.”

“Your legacy will be everything that you had ever done”

“Whatever you do, you have not come here to keep it to yourself. Take what you have and offer it to someone else. Your life is validated by your service to others.”

“Dr King- everyone can be great because your greatness is determined by service.”

“I got myself removed from kindergarten that day!”
How Oprah won her Beauty pageant “I believe in telling the truth and letting people see the truth through journalism.”
Words for You being You
“Doesn’t matter what you’re exposing if its negative energy.”“I Use television (and social media) as a service tool for uplifting and enlightening when I can.”“Don’t worry about ratings (or likes, retweets, views)”

“Everyone wants to know that they matter…understand how much you matter to help others see how they matter- everyone is looking for validation.”

“What goes out has to come back…What you put out is already on its way back to you.”

“The energy you put out surrounds your life”

“The disease to please-avoid it”

“Your are responsible for your intentions and energy. Dont do what you don’t want to”

“You become what you believe”

“That through God all is possible”

“Harbor no bitter or limiting beliefs because all things are possible”

“Keep your vibrations high”

“Greatest power is your ability to love”

“We are walking in the direction of either love or fear”

“You are the master, choose excellence and watch it come”

“Those messages from God come in whispers, don’t ignore them. Life speaks to you in your greatest trails”

“to Surrender means to be free”

“When you can say thank you in your hardest time that’s true grace and faith”

“No one can dim the light of the candle God holds for you.”

“Get to a peaceful place you can make  your sanctuary to understand and talk to God. You have to be still and listen”

“Practice gratitude and know what brings you gratitude… The little things that bring you life:

“Write a new story for yourself”“Pay attention…Be Present”“We all have different expressions but we all want thing same thing in life-to fulfill the highest expression of your self”

“Everything that has happen to you has happened for you”

“Set a new vision..See yourself in a new perspective”


These are truly quotes to live by! Put them into perspective for yourself- write them down and start to live the life you want. I always talk about personal style and without really understanding myself and being in touch with who I want to be I would not be able to do this. Personal Style are these quotes above, your truest self. The greatest style to have is one that truly exemplifies who you are, not someone else. You do not have to be a walking brand billboard or a copy/paste of a look on instagram to have style. You have to have life to have style. Use these quotes to Style your Life!

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