Sex In The City Holiday Dinner


While we are on the topic of holiday parties I figured I should share what I wore to my latest dinner.  This year my friend put together a Sex in the City themed holiday party- ‘everything’ attire was recommended and I kept it simple. I pulled my inspiration from Kim K so I take no credit for really thinking this up, but I did find subtle ways to make it my own.




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What to Wear to your Holiday Office Party

Tis’ the season for open bar parties with your lovely co-workers, what will you wear?

Holiday Office Party

Shirts top

French Connection green sequin pants
$110 –

Pointed flat
$515 –

Schutz high heel sandals

BaubleBar bib necklace
Holiday Office Party

How to Take Your Own Blog Pictures Using a Tripod

No Boyfriend No Problem! A lot of people ask who takes my blog pictures and I proudly reply ‘myself’. I figured it would be good to share the in’s and out’s of how to get great blog photos using just your camera and a tripod.


What you Need

1. A sturdy tripod

2. A Camera with a timer

3. Optional- A camera remote

What I Use

1. Sunpak Ultra 7000 (Get it Here)

2. Canon Rebel T3I w/kit Lens and remote (Get It Here)

When I decided to seriously take on blogging the first thing I did was research the tools I needed to be successful. Since I couldn’t buy a boyfriend or pay my friends enough to take my pictures everyday I found the tripod alternative. This tripod  is a little pricier than some of the other tripod models but turned out to be the best one for me. Initially, I thought I needed the tripod to be at least my height, which is not true at all, so this limited my options upfront. Lastly, I wanted a tripod that was lightweight since I would be pulling it in and out of my car. The sunpak had met all of these needs so the price was worth it.

After more research I decided to go with a Canon DLSR camera. I knew I wanted my photos to be the best quality possible and after reading a ton of articles/blog post I went with a DSLR over a point/shoot. I also had previous experience with Nikon’s- I didn’t love the performance, Canon it was. I went with the EOS Rebel model because of my budget, need, and experience. I was a beginner so I wanted a good camera that was easy to work with and reasonably priced. I knew nothing about lenses at the time so I did not even go down that path, I went with the kit. Now that I understand cameras a bit better and can appreciate image quality I recently purchased a new lens :-). Once you get comfortable with your camera you are going to want a new lens. The kit lens does not capture sharp detail shots when I use a tripod or am in motion. I also knew I would need a preview screen that flipped so I could see the shot as I took the photos- I use this more now that I have a remote.


How to Get Photos With a Tripod

1. Choose a Good Location

You want to choose a low traffic location to make sure you are not distracted or uncomfortable. The more you do this the more comfortable you will become and a few people walking past won’t bother you. You also want to choose an area that has little background noise, like a plain wall, street, or clear pathway. Noise is a huge thing to consider due to the focusing of the camera, when you do not have a remote or a person to focus the camera you have to do this outside of the camera frame.

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Social Shopping- How You Can Save

Have you looked in the mirror today and admired how fly you are all on your own? At this time in your life that little task is one that should not be taken for granted, It could save you a ton on social shopping.

Social Shopping

So now that I have your attention what is this term ‘social shopping’? Social shopping is buying an item just to show it off on social media. I feel kind of silly writing this because it kills me to acknowledge it happens, but sadly so many of my sisters (brothas too) do this. I will remind you now that style has no price tag and a label does not make you more stylish (look at Rita Ora-no shade).  I will also remind you that affordability is not based on your credit card limit, we kind of forget sometimes that this is not money.  So how can you save- identify you’re doing this and stop. You can do it and I know you can because this season you will remember the validation you’re looking for is not on social media.

Are you feeling a little judged? Do not, I am not here to scold you but rather educate and enlighten. I have social shopped before and purchased some expensive stuff worn once for the gram. Looking back that probably was not even my true style, I just fell into a trap. These days I’m growing and learning who I am more and more each day and with the comes confidence that I used to justify elsewhere. So no judgement just awareness and honesty.

How to Save and Identify Social Shopping

Step 1- Decide Who Loves It

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Morning Tea 12/7

I sit, writing in pure mental limbo, with a glass of wine, work, and my thoughts. Its late but my mind is running by the millisecond (a trait that drives me crazy) so I figured it was the perfect time for a tea post.


So I’ll just start, whats going on with Brittiny behind the scenes of the blog photos ? Again, limbo, one week I will be totally fine and the next I’m completely lost searching for things I know I don’t want. This week has been filled with a search to fill a void that has sat with me. That void is actually the reason I ended up doing work on a saturday night, im cool with that though…

That was actually something I started on 11/30 and I decided to keep it because all that is mentioned above remains relevant. No wine this time, I opted for a white chocolate mocha and a Spotify playlist solely dedicated to my blog work. Song 1 DMX- Slippin, Song 2 DJ Quik- I Don’t Wanna Party Wit U,  Song 3 Eve- Let Me Blow Ya Mind, Song 4 India Arie- Video  starter pack just in case you need to make one.

The void and limbo is settled similar to that of still waters and I can thank myself for that. At the young tender age of 25 so many young women go through mental instability due to that you need to have it figured out thought. I need a good job, I need a man, I need a car, I need nice clothes, I need a bunch of crap that doesn’t bring you or me one step closer to happiness.  I was literally fed the fuck up and on 11/30 I stopped writing my scattered thoughts and decided to snap back to my reality. Read more