San Francisco Fashion Week Recap

San Francisco Fashion Week Recap

This week I attended a few SFFW events and I wanted to make sure to do a recap. I am always surprised by the lack of fashion influence San Francisco has in this country being that it’s one of the ‘top’ cities. I was surprised to find out about this ‘SFFW’ through a Instagram comment from a fellow SF fashionista. Had she not asked me about it I probably wouldn’t have known this existed, check her blog here. I think this week provides a great platform for the fashion scene in the Bay Area. Also, being that this is the tech hub, the access you get to new fashion apps and advances is a sure plus.

So back to this recap, I went to the San Francisco Fashion Week Opening Reception and Fashion Blogger Connect events. Since this was my first time attending I decided to start off slow and get a feel for what the week would be like, next year I would definitely be attending more events. Warning I was only able to capture iPhone pictures that are not that great, but they do get the point across, give me a pass this time.

Opening Reception

This fashion party was held at Mercer a really cool bar venue in the San Francisco SOMA area. I had never heard of it before but the interior decor was freaking awesome. As soon as you walk in you were able to get your picture taken in front of the SFFW back drop which really set the tone for the event. For me this said, we want to see what you came working with and I can appreciate that (see what I wore here).


They also had the jumbo screen up and running with real-time tweets and Instagram posts which was pretty fun. I was met with some really great people as soon as I walked in the door and that was the immediate ice breaker. I was actually shocked at how interactive people were because I thought the event would be ‘cliquey’. I was wrong. People walked up to me asking questions and snapping pictures, everything I was looking for.  I met about 5 great people and exchanged contact information with 3 of them. This was a great start, and of course I used the tips mentioned (here). I visited the bar about 3 times, yes I know, but I was having so much fun. This probably helped bring out my personality a little bit but most of it was pure bliss. I did not talk to everyone but people seemed pretty friendly.


During the reception they introduced all the designers that were participating in the fashion shows and went through quick background questions. As I was chatting with a girl whose outfit I thought was awesome the coordinator pulled both of us to compete in a street style face off. I have never been so embarrassed in my entire life.  Although I take pictures of myself all day that is nothing like walking down a ‘runway’ in front of a bunch of people. I was scared out of my mind and tried my hardest to back out but the coordinator, whose name I didn’t get, insisted. I walked and smiled and it was over. Looking back I’m super happy I did this, like why not? I did lose though, but to someone I had admired all night. Her look was simple but on point with the leather details and mono tones. The pants stole the show, and they were from ZARA!

The Street Style Face Off

Street style winner- photo does not do enough justice

Fashion Blogger Connect

This day I wasn’t really in the mood to sit and listen, and honestly I was not looking forward to walking into this event when the time came. I’m now on this no caffeine kick and that day had not worked to my advantage. I still went hoping they had something that could change my mood, and they did – FREE MACAROONS. Those little things are so freaking expensive so when I walked into an unlimited supply of those babies I was happy.I was not expecting free food and such so that was a plus for me. I spotted a few great looks and enjoyed the blogger panelist as they shared their blogging tips.


I love her coat, it was thrifted so no store to stalk. (her blog here )

This dress was everything, and also thirfted!

The event featured two blogger panels, two street style photographers and a few fashion bloggers. The street style photogs spoke about where they get their inspirations and how they get their best shots. It was interesting to hear them say they get their best shots when the subject is in action, talking and interacting with them rather than posing. I found this interesting because the majority of my pictures are taken with a tripod so I was thinking how my photos must look. Do they look to pose-y? It was pretty nice to hear what they had to say being on the other side of the lens, both really down to earth. Check out their blogs and work here The Consistency Project and here Neo Visualism.

The second panel consisted of 5 fashion bloggers now based in SF, all pretty awesome. I would like to focus on the two ladies who I took the most from. Amy Roiland, of A Fashion Nerd, focuses her blog on her personal vintage inspired style and everything fashion. I was really shocked to hear that she had only been blogging for maybe a year and a half, and she has already amassed a ton of success.  Her secrets staying true to what she likes and staying consistent. I would think her story may be different from many but its good to hear that it is possible to really capture a large audience in no time. I went to check out her blog more just to see how she does it, and I noticed all of her photos are really gorgeous. She also stays true to her personal style/look, and I can say it works well.   Moving right along to my other fave, Caroline Curran of Perfect 10 SF,  is the wittiest chick I have ever met.  After hearing her on the panel I was kind of in shock by how cool she was. You never know how other bloggers will be in person and honestly I had the perception that most will not be so nice, so just to see that took me by surprise. I know its bad to pre-judge, but hey, I’m working on that. I was anxious to introduce myself after the panel to let her know she was such an inspiration to me. I liked the way her personality shined through her blog. She created a place where you would not only want to see shoes of the day but hear what she had to say.  I could go on and on about how much I enjoyed speaking with her, but to avoid that,  go check her blog. The last question for the panel was ‘do you think fashion blogging is on its way to being dead? ‘They all said no! The unified voice was the designers and brands need us bloggers more than anything now because consumers want to be connected. Consumers today can see through fakeness and using bloggers counters the ads normally seen in the media.  The other mention of the night was individuality/authenticity is the key to staying relevant and capturing your target audience.


Amy second from the left and Caroline in the middle.

Overall it was pretty cool to be around like-minded people who have similar passions as you, I would definitely recommend this event to people next year.

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