#SFFW- Look 2

#SFFW- Look 2


The second event I attended for San Francisco Fashion Week was Fashion Bloggers Connect and I wore this utility jumpsuit for  casual chic look.




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It’s interesting how the things work out, and the night before this event everything had went wrong. I just knew the devil was trying to get me and I almost fell into his trap. As I was preparing this look I ended up staining the back leg with starch droplets. Now I rarely ever use starch and when I do I have no problems, but this time was different. I was pissed and made the drops even worse as I tried to get a few out. I just kept wondering why now? For a second I told myself I wouldn’t go to the event because I had nothing to wear now. Again, I almost got defeated. I will not rant today, but I sucked it up and went to the event not happy as I was on Day 1. As soon as I walked in the door my mood changed, the energy in the room was heavy with joy. I totally forgot about my pant leg and how I felt that day. Everyone looked gorgeous and friendly, and honestly I was hyped to be in a room with people doing the same thing I was. I will be writing more about the events I attended this weekend but, I am so happy I did not let a few drips stop me from experiencing the lovely panel and bloggers. Note for today: push through things that seem to working against you because it just might be setting you up for something magical.


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