Social Shopping- How You Can Save

Social Shopping- How You Can Save

Have you looked in the mirror today and admired how fly you are all on your own? At this time in your life that little task is one that should not be taken for granted, It could save you a ton on social shopping.

Social Shopping

So now that I have your attention what is this term ‘social shopping’? Social shopping is buying an item just to show it off on social media. I feel kind of silly writing this because it kills me to acknowledge it happens, but sadly so many of my sisters (brothas too) do this. I will remind you now that style has no price tag and a label does not make you more stylish (look at Rita Ora-no shade).  I will also remind you that affordability is not based on your credit card limit, we kind of forget sometimes that this is not money.  So how can you save- identify you’re doing this and stop. You can do it and I know you can because this season you will remember the validation you’re looking for is not on social media.

Are you feeling a little judged? Do not, I am not here to scold you but rather educate and enlighten. I have social shopped before and purchased some expensive stuff worn once for the gram. Looking back that probably was not even my true style, I just fell into a trap. These days I’m growing and learning who I am more and more each day and with the comes confidence that I used to justify elsewhere. So no judgement just awareness and honesty.

How to Save and Identify Social Shopping

Step 1- Decide Who Loves It

  • Do you truly love that Celine bag or do THEY love that Celine bag? When you are shopping for your next item really think about how you feel because it is your hard-earned money your spending. If your thinking about how many likes you can get, how your going to kill the gram’, or how many comments you can get I would say your social shopping. Be honest with yourself and make that personal choice. These bags are freaking expensive and if I am going to spend $2000+ I will be sleeping with that bag every night. It will bring me so much joy and I will wear it till I cannot wear it anymore. If you won’t be feeling like this and event regretful because you knew you had bills to pay, I would pass on that buy.

Step 2-Are You Excited to Show it Off

  • This is where you need to turn of those voices in your head and listen. Is your enjoyment going to come only after you post what you got? We live in an age where everything is publicized and sometimes people truly want to share to give inspiration, but in your case whats true?  Everyone wants to be seen in their best fit from time to time, but if your intentions are embedded in acceptance of others, let’s try to change that. Do you really want those $340 Riccardo Tisci nike boots or do you want them cause it seems all the social media heads are throwing praises that way? Think Think Think. When you spend to get a like or comment from someone else it is kind of like you just brought them a gift. Skip the bs and just send them  a gift in the mail then, that like or comment may be more genuine.

Step 3- Do You Love the Brand

  • Before social media was where people went for fashion I loved Alexander Wang. I have never been excited to spend a ton on a bag, I’m cheap, but my first rocco purchase was a hair flip.  I wear that bag at least once a week and it is in the worst condition.  I love the brand and I still do, and I’m not at the point  where I would pay $500 for a sweater but maybe one day. But, to my point, do you love the brand enough to cash out? Do you really love Tom Ford enough to give him all your money or are you doing it for validation. They have those same $1200 lock pumps at your local Steven Madden retailer. If you don’t truly love the designer or brand why are you giving them all your money?

Step 4- Can You Afford It

  • If you are dressing and purchasing outside of your budget ask yourself where did that come from? When did it start? What are you doing with the clothes? This could just be you loving nice stuff or being a shopaholic. This could also be a social shopping syndrome in which you traded debt for validation. It may seem reasonable because those feelings you feel are very real and your credit score is an after thought. I know what I can and cannot afford and as much as I like nice stuff I do not buy it. People seeing me post a $5000 Chanel bag would probably get me a ton of like comments and follows because I ‘look’ like I ‘got it’ now. Fortunately enough I know better, and now you do to.

How much will you save now that you have decided to own your style and stop the social shopping?

$5000+$1200+$340+$2100= a plane ticket + lodging and some real livin’. It’s worth it to really look at your closet and check yourself. Social shopping will leave you forever shopping for something when all you needed was a coat from Zara. I wrote this because I love my culture so much and I want this society to make a change. I want my sisters to wake up and start looking up to become the greatest women we can be. As a young woman coming into your career and self its important to realize how fly you are all on your own. I am just passionate about the future of young black women in the world today and I feel I bring this personal style topic up repeatedly, but its important.  I would write it over and over just for one woman to find the courage to embrace what she truly loves about herself. I am excited to see this generation truly understand personal style and embrace whats important.

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