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Altuzarra for Target- How I Saved Money

I have shopped almost every designer target collection. The marketing build up is perfectly executed and the pieces are awesome. The designs are unique, fun, and SOON TO BE OUT OF STYLE. Considering that this month is all about budgeting I figured the Altuzarra for Target collection would be a good one to chime in on.


I got smart this time around and slept in rather than going up to Target at the crack of dawn. Why? These collections, which are again very beautiful and chic, are just like boutique fashion* with better quality and a name brand. Think about it before you kill me (lol). The same pieces are going to be worn by so many women all across the world. You could say personal style will come into play to differentiate one woman’s look from the other but only to a certain extent. I do not see enough personal style put into the wearing of these pieces overall and I think this reason plays a huge role into my opinion. Everyone looks just like the models in the ads, 100 women down my timeline wearing the same thing the same way. In the past, I did not want to wear my Peter Pilotto set because I had seen it so many times. When you have very little variation things go out of style because we are inclined to seek more, something new, the next thing. With quick dismissal comes wasted money just like you see with boutique fashion*. You can’t get a ton of wears out of what you bought so your left with something in your closet you will probably give away in a year.

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a Belt and a Dress

IMG_1281 Happy Monday Ladies! I hope you all enjoyed your weekend and  kept up with me via instagram (follow me HERE).  My best friend had her quarter century birthday brunch and I always enjoy myself when I am around this particular group of people, pure happiness! For my look, I opted for a grudge chic style by pairing a belt and a dress. IMG_1255 IMG_1264

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Look 2- How to Dress for 23

Excuse the typo, but LOOK 2 is all about your Jordan year. Filled with ton’s of color and a bit of the classic’s. At work you want to keep your youth while gaining traction in your focus area.