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Look 3- How to Dress for 21

How to dress for work at 21 has never been made easier and we are discussing this for our third installment of ‘the AUGUST ages’.

Weekly Workwear-How to Dress for 21

Uniqlo white top
$33 –

Long coat

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Women in the News- CalCPA Leading Ladies

This week I received my monthly CalCPA magazine which featured these gorgeous women making a footprint in their careers. Every month I scowl the mag for great career advice that I can share and happily I found a great read. The ladies, who are all in finance & accounting, share their insight into some common career focal points. Check out the quick read below to learn more about how these women thrive in the business world.


I pulled what I thought was the most notable career advice for any avenue:

While on your journey, work hard and be true to yourself. Strive every day to do your best and learn as much as you can.

Success doesn’t happen overnight, but with the right environment and the right work ethic anything is possible

The best mentors in my career have developed organically and naturally, through people I’ve met. You should seek out your mentors- people you admire and get along with.

I see the impact of the board of directors on an organization, so why not create your own personal board of directors?

Today, in many cases, women can set their expectations as high as they want and their success will depend upon their actions.