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San Francisco Fashion Week Recap

This week I attended a few SFFW events and I wanted to make sure to do a recap. I am always surprised by the lack of fashion influence San Francisco has in this country being that it’s one of the ‘top’ cities. I was surprised to find out about this ‘SFFW’ through a Instagram comment from a fellow SF fashionista. Had she not asked me about it I probably wouldn’t have known this existed, check her blog here. I think this week provides a great platform for the fashion scene in the Bay Area. Also, being that this is the tech hub, the access you get to new fashion apps and advances is a sure plus.

So back to this recap, I went to the San Francisco Fashion Week Opening Reception and Fashion Blogger Connect events. Since this was my first time attending I decided to start off slow and get a feel for what the week would be like, next year I would definitely be attending more events. Warning I was only able to capture iPhone pictures that are not that great, but they do get the point across, give me a pass this time.

Opening Reception

This fashion party was held at Mercer a really cool bar venue in the San Francisco SOMA area. I had never heard of it before but the interior decor was freaking awesome. As soon as you walk in you were able to get your picture taken in front of the SFFW back drop which really set the tone for the event. For me this said, we want to see what you came working with and I can appreciate that (see what I wore here).


They also had the jumbo screen up and running with real-time tweets and Instagram posts which was pretty fun. I was met with some really great people as soon as I walked in the door and that was the immediate ice breaker. I was actually shocked at how interactive people were because I thought the event would be ‘cliquey’. I was wrong. People walked up to me asking questions and snapping pictures, everything I was looking for.  I met about 5 great people and exchanged contact information with 3 of them. This was a great start, and of course I used the tips mentioned (here). I visited the bar about 3 times, yes I know, but I was having so much fun. This probably helped bring out my personality a little bit but most of it was pure bliss. I did not talk to everyone but people seemed pretty friendly.

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#SFFW14 – Look 1


#SFFW14 was hashtag of the night at the San Francisco Fashion Week Opening Ceremony. For the reception I opted for a more mod look that was simple yet stylish. I am coming to understand that my love for classic simple clothing runs deep, and I hate to put myself in a style box but I think the minimalist chic look is me. Dark colors are my favorite and it happened to be fall-eve so I was right on the money with my palette choice.




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