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So Long 2014


This photo could sum up my year pretty much, a heavy head, a leather jacket and a consistent half smile. Combine that photo with the one below to add in everything else life threw at me, then you really would have a complete picture. All jokes aside, this year I’ve learned more about myself than I could have imagined.  I will save my reflections for a tea post so, lets discuss the look, I wore this to work on a rainy day and it was an instant favorite.





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Sunday Lounge


So if you have not wondered over to the about me page here is a quick briefing on my blog name. I was looking for a name that could describe my style and could also become its own brand. As I was thinking of what describes my style I just kept thinking ‘ i just do whatever’ and its true, I pick one item and the rest gets added along the way. The me always just doing is the ‘effortless’ and the putting together of different pieces until a complete product is made is the ‘composition’. A prime example of this in action is my outfit today. It started out as a regular romper I was lounging around in.  Since it was cold outside figured I didn’t want to face the chill sleeveless so I through on this white tee over it. Then came the pops- the plaid, the sandals, the fringe, and bag till I was layered up.



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