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Weekly Workwear- Camel Coats

It’s raining, and I am almost positive you have considered purchasing a camel coat to throw over your stylish work digs, only one problem though. They are either too expensive or too cheap or just to blah. Well, I found some that are reasonably priced, good* quality, and super chic.

Weekly workwear

Camel boyfriend coat


Coat shopping can be tricky because when you try them on they never come out looking like the person you seen it on. Coats are not made equal and material is the first thing you need to consider when making a coat purchase.
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Look 3- How to Dress for 21

How to dress for work at 21 has never been made easier and we are discussing this for our third installment of ‘the AUGUST ages’.

Weekly Workwear-How to Dress for 21

Uniqlo white top
$33 –

Long coat

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Look 2- How to Dress for 23

Excuse the typo, but LOOK 2 is all about your Jordan year. Filled with ton’s of color and a bit of the classic’s. At work you want to keep your youth while gaining traction in your focus area.

Look 1- How to Dress for 25

Are your work clothes to youthful or to aging? This is the inspiration for this month’s workwear theme as I get back to our regular scheduled program, weekly outfits you can wear to work.

“Dressing your age means feeling comfortable in your own skin and working with what you’ve got.”


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In MAY we wear SKIRTS – Look 4

Weekly Workwear

Pencil skirt

Reiss skirt

Topshop skirt

French Connection skirt
$115 –

Pink midi skirt
$38 –

To wrap up the month of May I decided it would be best to end out SKIRTS with a bang. For Look 4 I complied pieces that are nothing like you average black pencil work skirt but still very much appropriate for a Business Casual dress code. Each skirt has its only personality to it and if it matches yours I suggest you give try it out! When deciding which top to wear I would keep in mind that these skirt steal the show on their own, so keep it classic! Which May work-wear outfit was your fave?  Look 1, Look 2, or Look 3?