Own How Your Known- ‘the Work Brand’

Own How Your Known- ‘the Work Brand’

I’m the nice girl who is always smiling, does SOX work, and usually wearing something interesting. This is how I’m known at my current company and even in my earlier company. I’ve come to this conclusion by just aggregating what people know me as and these were always mentioned. Now if you ask my boss he would say the smart girl, the hard worker who he can always depend on to get the job done. How would you rather be known by the people in your company?


Me personally I would like a few of both; online and offline skills that are key to climbing the success latter. Currently, I’m caught in a flow that started in the beginning of my career that is slowing this progression. I come in and make friends while quietly getting my work done to the best of my ability. I’m not running to the front of the line saying look at this or constantly asking questions. I’m not claiming I am the best or taking on way to much work just to please everyone. I’m not saying any of these traits are bad, do not get me wrong, but for me they have never been a path option. My thoughts are the right people know what I can do, and this has gotten me where I want to be. So there you have it, I’m known for what I show, but a question is what about what I didn’t show? What if I could be way further in my career if everyone knew how hard I worked? How many other projects would have been offered to me?

So I’m pretty sure there are other emerging young women in my shoes who want to be known for that mix of everything great. I’ve gathered thoughts from my peers, managers, mentors, and personal thoughts to put together this list. This list is a get starter kit to develop the identity (work brand) you want while making yourself known in your workplace.

Be Authentic– The best thing you can do for your work brand is to be authentic. It is rare thing honestly, a lot of people feel they have to be one person at work and then someone else outside of work. Start early being comfortable with who you are, if you take a look at some of the greatest leaders on earth you will see one thing.

Speak Up/Speak Out You will always have an opinion about something and people want to hear you. Your co-workers want to hear you and feel your presence, don’t just be the fly on the wall. Try to say something in every meeting, even if it’s speaking out to the VP of your department at the end. The more you speak the more people can resonate the thought of you. Of course, speak and give distinct contributions that have been well thought through showcasing that bright mind of yours.

Contribute/InnovateNotice an area your company can improve? Do you think if your workplace added just one thing everyone would be happy? How about a new committee? Use your God-given talents to bring personalized contributions and innovations to the job and most of the time people will like it. People will be interested and support what you’re doing. This is a great way to make connections In different departments and make a name for yourself by going the extra mile.

Beat the Quota Do not shy away from helping out in another realm. Showcasing your skills in another area is not a bad thing, when it doesn’t jeopardize your work, in many cases it can build your brand. Also, kill the next couple of your projects with quality you never knew you had. Doing a little extra helps get you that online on the job title you want. It is ok to shine sometime and be a bit competitive when you are building yourself up. Why do this in the background and get limited credit for it. Accept your skills graciously and gratefully, and I will be doing this right with you.

Are you up to take your career brand to the level you want it to be? If so let me know if these work for you?

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