Top Post of 2014

Top Post of 2014

Based on my stats the top post of 2014 was, Grey: DIY Shirt Dress, and I am actually really surprised at this.  I did love this particular look, but I didn’t consider it in my top five. Since I am in slight disagreement with my readers on this one I figured I would add what I though my top post of 2014 was, Ballin’ on a Budget.  Read what I think of these post today and why they made the top list below.

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I am just going to go ahead and say it, this was a trendy outfit and I am shocked this single post was viewed so many times. I think I posted this look right before the shirt dress trend started popping up in every online boutique. Looking back, I am happy I found a way to save $40 bucks by using an old dress to execute the trend but I haven’t worn this look since then (April).  I am also happy I was able to share that little trick with you guys, which in the end, helped you save $40 too. I would have been happier if I was promoting some real personal style here sans any trends, or just something a bit more ‘timeless-ness’.

Ok, enough reflecting on that, it makes me sad. Since then, I have worn this dress turned top and I completely transformed it. If you have a few of these shirt dresses in your closet I suggest rolling the flowing ends and then wrapping them around your waist to create a cute goddess inspired tee :-).

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I can’t remember where the inspiration for the budget post came from; I was probably recovering from a shopping binge and felt the need to share tips with my readers. I took my time and went through what it took to build a simple but useful budget, step by step.  I do remember how I felt after hitting publish though- satisfied, complete, accomplished, and proud. Those feelings alone put this post at the top of my list, and the offline feedback I got from it really solidified everything I felt. My main goal is for my readers to walk away with information they can use to better some aspect of themselves, not just the pictures.  When multiple people reached out to me to say that it helped them out in their day to day lives I was overjoyed. I actually got the most ‘thank you, this post helped me’ responses off this and that makes it a top for me.

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