Vacation Today and Work Tomorrow

Vacation Today and Work Tomorrow

It’s time for you to head back home from your dreamy vacation, and as you sit in the airport two things may cross your mind: I miss my bed and crap I have to go back to work. Let’s be honest, how many times have you had work blues? For me, I found myself having the blues even after a long weekend which isn’t all that healthy.


As a working woman your ‘breaks’ have to be earned and they aren’t even as long as they used to be, who said growing up was fun? You can easily develop a unhealthy stigma about work after a vacation because sometimes all the great things you experience during that time are not present in your everyday life. What I am referring to is the 2-3 week recovery period you need to get back in the work groove. This can eventually take away from your itch to take those adventures. But, have you ever asked yourself why do you need that long, why can’t my life be as blissful everyday, or why aren’t I happy to go back to work? I did and when I took a step further to get these answers I was able to apply them coming back from my last trip. I was able to come back to work with my vacation glow/tan and jump right in, smiling. It’s a week later and I still have that smile as I sit at my desk even though my tan is gone :-(.

I put together 5 ways to avoid the work blues after returning from your vacation that truly helped me hit the ground running, check them out below.

1. “Live” and Be Present A key to everyday happiness is to be present in what’s going on at that moment on that day. When I got back from vacation I fully came back mentally and realized my new now was San Francisco and not Rome. This helped me change my mindset upfront to focus on what was the now. I did not dwell, but rather reminisce and tried to bring my vacations thoughts full circle. Wholeheartedly living in the now, being present, and accepting what is true for you in that day will help you stay focused. Yes it’s true you are back at work, let’s be here and beast through your work like no one every expected. Who needs an extra week, live now.

2. “Travel” and Plan the Next “Adventure”– Do not wait another year to take another vacation. The way PTO is set up that may be when my next big trip will be, but I incorporate mini-cations in my day to day life. This is driving an hour to a beach town or even driving in your city to a new destination. As soon as I arrived back I took a sticky note and jotted down Yosemite and Napa. This helped me mentally know that one day soon I would experience a new place and I didn’t have to worry when my next dreamy vacation would come. A lot of the time spent during your work blues is spent thinking or mentioning your next vacation hoping it was here soon or wondering when it will come. Save your time and jot down your next stop.

3. “Bless” and Bliss– Tell your stories in detail to all of those interested. This will in return help you re-live those happy thoughts. Remember how happy you were on the beach? Bring that home and in your present. It will shine through when you tell your stories. The Bliss you will feel from reflecting on how your were blessed enough to experience a dreamy vacation is great to get over the blues. How can you be out of it with all this positive energy you have? At work give tips, share, and move forward. No blues, just bliss so work shall be a breeze.

4. “Don’t be Sorry”– Yes you took a vacation for you, and yes you came back to a ton of work. Try and not spend time in this space when realizing your workload increased cause of your trip. This really makes a person want to feel like “why why why work”; instead take it in and take it on.

5. Be happy– Bring your vacation mentality home with you. This is the common theme throughout all of the tips really, happy everyday like my life is a vacation. Things happen that can get you down but try and look at the bright side always. Happiness shines through so take it to work.

If you just got back from your vacation try to apply these and see what happens, I know you won’t be in a slump. When your truly happy with you, you can produce better work for sure. Try these!


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