Weekly Workwear- Camel Coats

Weekly Workwear- Camel Coats

It’s raining, and I am almost positive you have considered purchasing a camel coat to throw over your stylish work digs, only one problem though. They are either too expensive or too cheap or just to blah. Well, I found some that are reasonably priced, good* quality, and super chic.

Weekly workwear

Camel boyfriend coat


Coat shopping can be tricky because when you try them on they never come out looking like the person you seen it on. Coats are not made equal and material is the first thing you need to consider when making a coat purchase.

Yes, camel coats are in right now, but you DO NOT want to go out and get any one. I personally like to buy my coats at thrift stores for a number of reasons, but before I skip to that I will actually finish my thought. Do not buy the first camel coat you see, unless it’s one above, really do your research. You do not want to buy a coat that is thin and will be riddled with wrinkles. A thin coat defeats the purpose of wearing a coat, remember than you can be cute and be warm. Wrinkles can be overlooked when you are in the store because the price tag looked so good, but for me, weak material is a deal breaker. I am not a morning person so I love to just get up and go in the morning, hence the short hair. I rarely iron and the clothes that require ironing do not get worn honestly. Consider this when you are inspecting the coat and ask yourself, ‘will this be wrinkle all the time?’

Ok, back to what I mentioned above, if you are frugal like me I would recommend you to spend a day ravaging through some thrift stores. The quality will be there and the right price, only suspect thing here is the fit. After a day of few trial and error runs you will find at least one trench coat in perfect condition, a colored full length wool coat, and bomber jacket (off subject but true!). I recently found a moss-green Jones New York coat in great condition for $5 bucks.

Now that you know what to look for all you have to do is put the coat over your look. Any look, any cold wet and rainy day.

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