Weekly Workwear- *Look 2*

Weekly Workwear- *Look 2*

The motto for the October workwear inspiration blog series revolves around pulling the odd balls from your wardrobe and incorporating them right into you 9-5 style for fall.

EC- Weekly Workwear

So whats an odd-ball? I would say anything you would not typically wear to work or even in the season. For example, pastels are usually a spring thing but they can totally be incorporated in your fall/winter wardrobe. Start with a bright base and bring in your favorite fall tones- forest green, burgundy, and camel. I pulled in a reasonably priced dress that can be worn in and outside of work with a uber cute Topshop coat. I do not own a ton of dresses that look like this but I think they are closet staples. Try this look and let me know how it goes! Work just got better.

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