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Everyday is Effortless with Sophia Criswell



Posted on April 08 2021

The home of stylist and new mom Sophia Criswell is filled with love and cozy vibes. Find out how she keeps her peace and where she pulls inspiration.


After a tumultuous year, we felt it was important to highlight spaces of other people that look like us just to serve as a reminder that you’re not alone. In fact, your connected to a ton of other people who are just trying to get through their day, one moment at a time, just like you. Again, those beautiful everyday moments in our lives and homes.
The strut in the mirror to remind yourself you still got it
The dance around the kitchen that brings you joy
The homemade charcuterie board to kick off your latest Netflix marathon
The walk around your living room in heels because you chose luxury that day
The beautiful moments in your day to day lifestyle that remind you “I got this”- that is what Everyday is Effortless is all about.
We want to highlight the beauty of our everyday lives at home, our daily routines, certain corners that we cling too, special pieces that we can’t live without. With this launch we wanted to bring a collection that could seamlessly integrate into your individual style and elevate these moments at home.  Your surroundings should be complimented with goods that are as just as bold, intentional, unapologetic, and beautiful as you are.
Sophia Criswell is multi passionate creative with an exciting career as a stylist and photographer. After relocating to Los Angeles, creating a home that was welcoming and warm to all who entered was a top priority.
What do you think of when you hear "Everyday is Effortless" ? 
Waking up everyday knowing that everything in my home has a place and a purpose.
What do you love about you home? Be descriptive, help us visualize.
To be and feel welcome. What I have always loved about my home and the energy it gives off is to be and feel welcome. I grew up in a home where no matter who walked in the front door they were greeted, loved, and accepted for who they were. I have carried that into my home, and I pray my children also carry that into their home.
Favorite meal to cook during quarantine? 
Pizza! With the help of the master chef, my fiancé.
What's a must have on your coffee table? 
Artsy books and candles.
How do you "Elevate your everyday"? 
Elevating my everyday most days is lighting a candle. I know that sounds simple and easy, but being a mom I don't really have a lot of alone time, so there is a sense of relaxation and calmness that fills the air the moment I light a candle.
What are some of your favorite memories about home? Could be from childhood or any stage in life really. 
My favorite memory of home is family dinners. Some of my favorite times are gathering around the table eating food with the people I love most.
Where do you pull inspiration for your home? 
My inspiration comes from family. I grew up with a mother who designed homes for a living. I remember at a young age, we would look at home catalogs and go to open houses just to discuss the design. I also gather my inspiration from my world travels.
Do you have any family heirlooms you keep in your home? 
My fiancé and I have gathered important images of our family over the years and currently have a gallery of images above our couch. My favorite photo is a photo of it grandmother when she graduated nursing school.



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