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3 ways to refresh your home for 2020



Posted on January 01 2020

New years tend to trigger an internal reset for all of us. How can we be better than last year? How can we check off a few 2020 new year goals?

But, how do our home spaces fit into that puzzle?

Well your home can be looked at as the starting point. We spend some of our most vital moments in our home, when we lay our heads down to when we wake up in the morning.

The energy here is vital to that internal reset. 

So lets do a pulse check on your space, you can determine if a home refresh can help you achieve your 2020 goals.

Pulse Check

  1. Do you feel energized when you wake up?
  2. Do you feel your home has those happy vibes we all crave?
  3. Are there items you have been wanting to get rid of?
  4. Are you just tired of looking at the same decor?


If you answered yes to more than one of these questions then this article is for you. 2020 is going to be your year. Keep reading.


Here are 3 ways you can refresh your home in 2020. A refreshed space will definitely help you achieve your new year goals.

Don’t worry, breaking the bank will not be necessary.

1. Re-arrange the two most important rooms in your home.

Take a look at where you spend most of your time when you’re home. This will help you select which area to pick for this step. In each room try and move the items into a different place, ask for help for heavy items. Consider the feng shui when moving your stuff. Sometimes moving your bed or couch to the other wall can make all of the difference in terms of lighting, flow, and space.

When you get your items to their new space check the comfy-ness level. Do the couch cushions need to be fluffed? Do you need a new bed cushion or down pillow inserts?

    • This step should be relatively free, but if you decide that with the move you need some goodies to add to the space give yourself a budget before you go to the stores or browse online. Refreshes can turn into complete overhauls quickly so avoid going overboard so you can complete the next two steps. You want to be sure that you have financial space to achieve your other new year goals if necessary.

2. Add in your favorite color

This may sound a bit funny but the truth is, color brings in joy. Given that, you should have something that reflects it in your home. If you want to go big try an accent wall or fun wallpaper. If you prefer to keep it a bit more neutral try something as simple as a throw or vase.

    3. Burn Sage and De-clutter

    Alexa play Bag Lady by Erykah Badu. This will get you in the mood to lighten the  load around your house for the new year. Having to much clutter in your home can simply weigh you down mentally. So, this step is important and you should take your time to get it done.

    Here are some thought starters to help you identify areas that you can trim down.

    • Still have things that should have been left in the past?
    • Decor that has gotten stale and no longer fits your aesthetic?
    • Are your plants dying and you don't know why?

    After you de-clutter go ahead and burn some sage. Reset the energy and say a few mantras over your home and for a prosperous 2020.

      Try and tackling these 3 steps in stages or at a pace that feels comfortable to you. Avoid becoming overwhelmed or tired from this exercise.

      Remember, the goal is to ensure your space is a safe haven, equip to help you achieve your 2020 new year goals.

      Happy New Year!



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