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"My home story is rooted in a vivid burgundy and green comforter that laid across my moms bed, a beautiful black Cleopatra head statue in the living room, and a prayer hands photo that sat above the dining table. I do not even have to close my eyes to visualize these decor items that were instrumental to my childhood home. Everything I remember about them extends far beyond their function. I want the Effortless Composition home decor to have that same effect.” – Brittiny 

A Los Angeles Native, Brittiny is currently taking the dual career approach, working as a finance professional and operating Effortless Composition. Well before the launch of the company, there were a few key considerations that remained constant in Brittiny’s life as she navigated through corporate America. While building her professional career living in the San Francisco Bay Area, Brittiny found herself on the quest to discover if she was doing what she loved and happy while doing so. Packing up to return home to Los Angeles, California after nearly 9 years in the Bay Area, she was determined to pursue her heart’s desires.

The phrase Effortless Composition was originally intended to describe her personal style. She’s always been someone known for finding any article of clothing and uniquely incorporating it into various aspects of her wardrobe. Brittiny slowly noticed this concept spilling over into her home decoration process following her move back home to Los Angeles. Fast forward to 2017, she was collecting decor items that had the slightest amount of potential and integrating them into her living space. Eventually, friends and family were requesting her assistance to decorate their homes as well. 

Brittiny began researching the possibilities of launching her own business. During her research she noticed the lack of women/men of color represented in the home decor space. Not completely void, but not as many she felt there could be. Seeing an opportunity to feed her inner creativity while simultaneously creating a platform to empower people of color, Effortless Composition home decor was born.

Today, Effortless Composition includes an assortment of uniquely crafted home accessories.Such as, handmade crafts made by local artisans from the inner cities of Los Angeles. Brittiny’s goal through Effortless Composition is to provide timeless pieces and design inspiration that can be incorporated in any home. Additionally, she aims to empower people of color through representation and partnership.

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