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Effortless Composition is a collection of hand-selected eclectic home decor guaranteed to elevate your space. Helping you create a home that you can love and obsess over is our superpower.

We've traveled to the shops in Istanbul and right in our own Los Angeles backyard to partner with skilled artisans to bring fresh designs to life. We leaned into the design process to bring beautiful decor that is rich in character and curb appeal. Our in-house designers have done the hard work and now putting together a home you love can be effortless.

Our decor is for women and men who don't want to just live in their home, they want to love the hell out of every inch of it. That starts with home decor.


Welcome to Effortless Composition 


From Lived-in to Loved-in

When I moved back to Los Angeles, I left a fast-paced start-up life in the San Francisco Bay Area, where I worked from sunup to sundown during the week and brunched with friends all weekend. I had no job lined up or place to stay when I decided that it was time to press the pause button and re-evaluate my priorities. At that time, all I knew was I needed more time with my aging mother, my growing nephews, my new boyfriend, and myself. A fresh start was the only thing that could get this going for me, but once I moved, I found myself spending more time driving from store to store looking for the perfect eclectic decor rather than with the people I needed most. I’ve been obsessed with interiors, fashion, and decor since I was a child, the image of the beautiful black cleopatra statue that was a statement piece in my childhood home still warms me up. So, getting lost in stores and loosing track of time came as no surprise to me, but at that stage I couldn’t afford it. I wanted to decorate bookshelves with my mom, I wanted to walk into my space after a long work day and look around the place to say ‘girl, you did that’, I wanted to have brunch with my love, at home, with nice grown-up plates, I wanted my home to feel like a sanctuary that energized me. I was tired of running around, I had been running around in my career and social life, I couldn’t keep running around for bland decor. So, I decided to build my own solution.

I founded Effortless Composition with the belief that creating a home you love should be effortless. We’ve done all the footwork to help bring you elevated home décor good that is rich in aesthetic and doesn’t skip out on artisan quality. We know that the process doesn’t stop when you purchase, so we made it our mission to stick around once you seal the deal with our personalized styling sessions. With us, you’ll know that the goods you bring into your home are going to bring you joy, spark a conversation, inspire a bit of creativity, stir up a bit of obsession- and you didn’t even have to leave the house.


Founder & Chief Interior Stylist

We are committed to building long-term relationships with artisans and community-based organizations that are devoted to uplifting talent in inner city communities within Los Angeles.

Partnering with artists and organizations to develop high-quality, handmade products is at the center of that. It is important to us that our artisan partners are not only committed to making beautiful goods but sharing stories of inspiration along the way. 

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