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3 Ways to Stay Organized All Year Long



Posted on December 29 2018

Do you have that one goal that is always on your to-do list? 

If it's to be more organized, particularly at home, then you are in the right place. By taking these few steps you can keep an organized home. When you have clean and clear spaces in your home you are able to think better, feel better, and be better. 

So are you ready to get your stuff together and tidy up that home of yours? Great, we can walk into this year organized and ready to slay together.


1. Get Rid of Everything You Haven't Used in Years!

More than half of clutter in the home is typically items that have gone untouched for years. Why is it that we hold onto things for so long?

Is it a cultural heirloom?

Is it a gift from your EX?

Is it something you 'think' you may need in the future?

All of these reasons could be the underlying cause of your attachment and I am here to tell you, it is potentially bringing you down. Yes, it really may be, because if you need it why haven't you done anything with it in years?  Holding onto things that no longer serve you does not contribute to your home organization goals. So start slow, identify the items hiding in the corners and closets of your home that you have not touched in years. If you feel like you may have a problem detaching from something pull out a small sticky note to jot down the pros and cons.

Remember, keep this step simple, turning this into a daunting task with too much thought is a sure way for 'Home Organization' to end up on your recurring to do list. We do not want that!

Once you have your list and the obvious 'got to go' items get a large bag and fill it up. Rather than dumping the items in the trash, donate any items still in good condition to your local charity. 

Looking nice a clean already? Great, stay motivated!


2. Get Excess 'Stuff' Off The Floor and Tabletops

Some things are better left out in the open, but often times this idea can turn into a mess very quickly. Try hiding some of the magazines or books you have laying around your home. Hide the purses, the shoes, and the clothes that you may have on your floor at this very moment. Do it girl! 

Your hiding, I mean storage places do not have to be ugly. Try investing in some stylish storage baskets, canisters, and organizers. Here is a rundown on when to use each.

Storage Basket: These are typically not very large, so we recommend using them to store smaller items like magazine, books, and maybe dirty clothes. The upside is that there are some extremely stylish options out there so you can definitely keep it cute in your home.
Canister: You know what canisters are for, the bobbie pins and toothpaste tubes in your bathroom or the brown sugar in your kitchen. Canisters are a good way to bring organization to all of your counter tops at home, a place that is no stranger to clutter. 
Organizers/Storage Systems: If you are looking for a larger and maybe more costly solution organizers/systems will do the trick. This is a way to totally organize your closets, pantry, work-spaces, and more. Since it may take some time to put them together or find a storage place for them think carefully before investing.


Be sure to check out our collection here.

3. Set up an Intentional 15 Minute 'Organize-Her' Schedule

Just 15 minutes OK, put 15 minutes on your calendar everyday, excluding the days you plan to deep clean, to stay organized. By doing one task 15 minutes per day in an effort to keep an organized home you will notice so much progress. The want of being organized will no longer be a want and slowly become a way of life. I would do this once you have numbers 1 and 2 in place. This is all about maintaining an organized home and a big part of organization is having a plan. After you've done some solid work to whip your home into place setting up your plan is equally important. A cute name helps to make the process exciting a fun, hence 'organize-her'. 

Do not estimate what you can do in 15 minutes, some of the most effective workouts are completed in that short amount of time. A lot of things go into keeping your home organized so their should be plenty to do.


Alright, now you are ready for this year with one less 'goal' because it will already be done. What is better than that?



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