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BTS: Launching the 2020 Spring/Summer Collection



Posted on April 04 2020

This time around our design team took a different approach to launch our new spring/summer 2020 collection. In the past, an Effortless Composition collection began with our local artisan and their specialization. Looking around the table, we asked one another, what if we lean on our customers to be our artisans.

The data we complied from the prior year had shown what our customers were searching for and what products were getting the most hits. The main phrase that circled the table that day was ‘we do it for our them'.

Our customers are bold, busy women who want goods that light up their inner being after a long day of killing their goals. The women who want to come home to a home that they love and absolutely love being in it. This spring/summer 2020 collection is for her, for you girl.

When sourcing fabrics we leaned into feminine touches with soft sea foam green and lush pink tones. We channeled what knew most, our ideal customer, and designed goods through her eyes. A lot of the decor goods are shapely and full of character. We hope that you guys are going to love it!

Check out some shots that we took to capture the process.





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