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Everyday is Effortless with Shayla Williams



Posted on April 05 2021

The home of creative director and artist Shayla Williams is filled with all the beautiful details of a traditional LA Spanish style home. Find out how she keeps her peace and what meals got her through quarantine.


After a tumultuous year, we felt it was important to highlight spaces of other people that look like us just to serve as a reminder that you’re not alone. In fact, your connected to a ton of other people who are just trying to get through their day, one moment at a time, just like you. Again, those beautiful everyday moments in our lives and homes. 

The strut in the mirror to remind yourself you still got it

The dance around the kitchen that brings you joy

The homemade charcuterie board to kick off your latest Netflix marathon

The walk around your living room in heels because you chose luxury that day 

The beautiful moments in your day to day lifestyle that remind you “I got this”- that is what Everyday is Effortless is all about. 

We want to highlight the beauty of our everyday lives at home, our daily routines, certain corners that we cling too, special pieces that we can’t live without. With this launch we wanted to bring a collection that could seamlessly integrate into your individual style and elevate these moments at home.  Your surroundings should be complimented with goods that are as just as bold, intentional, unapologetic, and beautiful as you are.


Shayla Williams is a true artist through and through, so decorating a beautiful home was a top priority when she moved into her new LA apartment. Her favorite room in her home is her beautiful living room, the large size allows her to host family nights on Sunday which is a tradition started at her childhood home that she wants to continue.

Take a tour of her space below and see how she elevates her space everyday.


What do you think of when you hear "Everyday is Effortless" ? 

I think of the perfect life - easy on a Sunday morning. I think of a carefree lifestyle that requires little to no effort to feel comfortable. I think of the feeling I get when I sit in my living room after of a day of working from home, and I observe my surroundings. That sense of peace and calm that comes in that moment is exactly what Everyday is effortless means to me. I strive to have that level of peace everyday.

What do you love about you home? Be descriptive, help us visualize. 

I love my spacious living and dining room. The character my old home brings, with it's unique built-ins, it's Spanish style window and fireplace focal point of the room. My built in shelves simply make me happy. I didn't know the unlimited options of building the perfect "shelfie" until I started taking an interest in home decor. It instantly transformed my life! I didn't even think I had an eye for creating the perfect home aesthetic, but after finding a starting point, everything just sort of builds from there. I love the natural light that hits my Spanish window early mornings. I love the statement rug that graces the floor, and the neutral toned pieces I've paired with it; it's the perfect complement. My plants and flowers bring a certain level of energy and happiness. Pair that with my candles, and life is goodt!

Favorite meal to cook during quarantine? 

Turkey chilli with all the fixins!

What's a must have on your coffee table? 

Unique coffee table books and a small plate that holds my dried lavender and whichever candle I'm burning for the week. Oh, and coasters - need those!

How do you "Elevate your everyday"? 

I elevate my everyday by treating myself to pieces that I love - no matter the cost. I think of buying pieces for my home as a form of self care; it elevates my home and my life.

What are some of your favorite memories about home? Could be from childhood or any stage in life really. 

Some of my favorite memories of home are Saturday mornings, playing Anita Baker or Sade through my home and catching up on some cleaning after a long week. It reminds me of childhood when my mom would make us complete our chores before heading out for the day. I try to recreate that same feeling at the top of my weekends.

Where do you pull inspiration for your home? 

From social media. I also find that when you're not looking for something specific, you find that perfect piece, and you find your own ways to incorporate it into your home. There's really no rules is what I've realized.

Do you have any family heirlooms you keep in your home? 

At the moment, I do not; but my parents did say I could have one of my favorite pictures of them, and I might just take them up on that offer.



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