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Partnering Locally: More Art is the Answer



Posted on September 16 2018

I came across Sidney’s artwork and immediately said “this needs to be in someone’s home”. I quickly corrected myself, not just someone’s home a lot of homes. The intricate details of each piece against the birch rounds were unconventional and exciting. The artwork was the primary inspiration for the Eclectic Hardware collection which is full of earth tones, subtle details, and natural elements Shop Now.  

After seeing his artwork on the Compton Artist Alliance platform, I reached out to learn more. Typically, our artisan sourcing process consists of getting a better understanding of the creation process, sharing our vision for the goods, and building the personal connection that brings it all together. This partnership was no different, during our initial meeting I was able to learn that each creation is unique and drawn free-hand. The level of detail displayed in each piece was indescribable and I am a firm believer that he is a master at his craft.

Throughout the partnership I was able to learn more about Sidney and get more details on why he creates. I was also able to learn more about his main passion, music, and get all the playlist vibes I needed (links below)!



What should people know about your art?

It has no immediate meaning. It just is...

Also, that they’re all hand drawn (no copying or tracing) & each is piece is unique. There are no duplicates. 


What’s the vibe of your home?

I’m a simple guy, but I’d say earthy. Music production is my main gig, so I have a lot if random vinyl covers cover the walls. Just try to surround myself with inspiration & ease. 

Why do you create?

May sound cliché, but it’s therapeutic for me. It feels good. I zone in and just go. It challenges me creatively which keeps me engaged. I enjoy the process of seeing where my mind takes me/the piece.


Why should people incorporate your art in their home?

If nothing else, I feel it invokes a sense of curiosity. I feel that my pieces are interestingly abstract at times. There’s a lot going on but hopefully it makes you or whoever’s viewing it stop & wonder.


Who do you want to inspire and why?

I just want to inspire & encourage people to simply do what fulfills them. Life can make that very difficult to do consistently but, find a way and be YOU.


Why are black artist important? 

Our perspective of the world is unique. Powerful and subtle artistic expressions alike can tie into how we view the world, our culture & ourselves. It’s important to share that and make it accessible to our people. 


How do you get over hurdles when creating?

I step away, sometimes for days and come back when I have more ideas or inspiration. The goal is to never feel forced.


Why is black partnership important?

We need to stay connected to grow as a culture and as a people. Partnering creates an avenue for creatives to be unified and potentially provide opportunity. Strength in numbers. 


What would you say to someone looking to do something similar to what you do? What should they do first?

Don’t try to, just create what comes organically to you. Their are no rules or boundaries - be free


Playlist  Vibes:



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    Love the Medium; Raw,natural, Strong yet Simplistic …. much like Mr Sidney. Keep it coming MzIndyGee

    Posted by Miss Ellaineous | September 17, 2018
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