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Spring 18'- Boho Contemporary Collection



Posted on May 08 2018

1. Interior photo via theglitterguide.com


The launch of my first curated decor collection is a special one and I am happy the time has come to share it with you all. Before the new products go live I wanted to give you peak at  the creative process ans what went into creating this collection.

So, you may be wondering why I keep referring to this collection as a ‘first’ when I currently have products in the store. I get it, so let me take a step back to let you know why things are different. In the beginning stages of planning this collection I settled on one goal that tied back into why I started this company. The goal was to highlight the beautiful artist/makers in our inner-city communities while creating meaningful partnerships along the way. I wrote that goal on a sticky note and put it right on my wall. I stared at it and wondered how I could use my expertise in taking various parts and making them into a whole, aka decorating, and pair that with the expertise of artists that I partner with. I knew quickly the answer was to start with the focus, my partners, rather than what I could do. This approach was the driving force behind why this collection is very different than what I launched with. Then I thought about another very important goal, the needs of my customers who are looking for beautiful goods to fill their homes. Rather than relying solely on my expertise I turned to the people who matter most to this brand, the partners and the customers, to pull everything together.  Once I had the big idea pinned down and a general roadmap I went to Beverly to get started.

This would be the second time I get to work with Beverly and I was excited about it. The first pillows we created together were perfect and I knew she was the right person to start this new process with. I shared my goal with her and we brainstormed for hours on what type of goods she could envision creating. During this session we landed on a theme, how the collection would feel, and what it would look like.  It was awesome to have time that allowed us to lean on each other for inspiration and motivation. Additionally, I was able to gathered her thoughts on why she creates and who she hopes to inspire.

The name of the collection - Boho Contemporary, inspired by my own personal interior style and our mutual love for all things vibrant. The fun part about this was I could tap into what I knew best and really utilize my style strengths. I had a pulse on the look of the pillows and Beverly had the artistry. This included everything from selecting the right fabrics to creating pillow inserts. The center of the collection would be the pillows that would be very vibrant with a twist. 


1. photo via Better Homes and Gardens. 2. Wooden Sideboard via livingspaces.com 3.Decor via Effortless Composition Boho Contemporary Collection.



Once the centerpiece of the collection was identified I moved on to rounding out the rest of the offering to create a full home decor solution. Handpicking decorative accessories that would compliment the beautiful goods of our partners. Also, it was important to select goods that met out quality standards while also having the capability to be used throughout various rooms in the home.


After the products were selected the next crucial step was creating a look book that turned into the blueprint for my content. Each product that is included in the collection should be styled in a home setting to share inspirational ways for you to incorporate them. When I reached out to my customers they loudly mentioned ‘pulling it together’ was one of the more challenging things they faced when decorating. So to ensure that I was also working toward the other goal most important to the success of the store, creating these lifestyle images were crucial.

In the end, I hope you all enjoy this collection as much as I have enjoyed working with artist like Beverly to create it. A collection of loved objects that look like fun and feel like freedom. A collection that has added a greater level of knowledge in all parties involved. A collection that supports the livelihood of the artists and makers who decided to do more of what they love. A collection of goods that will travel through the doors of many and spark conversations that turn into beautiful stories years from now. A collection of beautiful goods rooted in the beautiful people that create them.  

Read more about our partner Beverly and learn more about her passion for creating beautiful goods.



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    Hey, Brit, it’s the other Brit, lol. I’m actually REALLY excited about your new direction and launch! I adore my striped candles that you sent me! I already have them up in my home and I know you told me gold candle holders, but the clear ones look so pretty! My interior decorating style isn’t really boho, it’s more modern, rustic, glam, buuuutttt, I AM CERTAIN, that I will find pieces that will correlate perfectly with my other pieces. Great job!!

    Posted by Britney | May 29, 2018
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