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How to Pull Off a Vibrant Sofa



Posted on March 16 2018

Interested in getting a color sofa but a little anxious about going all in? Great you are in the right place, let me push you right over the edge in 5,4,3,2,1. Kidding, but really, lets jump right in and kick the anxious-ness to the curb by reminding yourself of why you are interested in the first place.

What words come to mind when you see a bold colored sofa?

For me, the list includes vibrant, risky, daring, bright, complex, trendy, unique, happy, playful. These words are exciting and fun, everything I want my home to include.

When you do this exercise do you get the same type of feeling? If yes, then your on the right track to filling your home with decor you love and admire. We can combat a few common myths and show you how you can pull one off in your home.

For this article, I consider bold color sofas to exclude the more traditional tans, grays, black, brown. 

Common Myths 

1. Color sofas are hard to decorate with
Some say bold color sofas limit the decor options they have for the rest of the room. I believe to combat this it is important to select a color palette to guide you through what to pair with your couch. Then, exploring colors similar to those that you have selected to see how extensive the pairing options actually are. Having a plan will avoid the feeling of uncertainty which tends to lead to creative limitations and the feeling of something being difficult.

2. Their aren't enough colors to choose from
To these myth believers I say, may I help you look a little harder. Their are many retailers, large and small, who have a variety of colors in addition to what's readily available and can support customization. Here are a couple:

3.Color sofas can't be sophisticated
Like everything else in the world, perception is personal and you know the rest. While someone may think a vibrant pink couch is playful someone else may think the same about a tan one. Couches can't be much of anything as they I don't have feelings which means they are what you want them to be.

So let's get a hard pause on any naysayers and move into steps you can take to pull off a vibrant sofa at home.

Loving Your Vibrant Sofa

1. Consider the basics
Once you have landed on the color you want consider the texture and style of your couch. If you are going with a light color then you want to consider how easy or difficult it will be to clean certain fabrics. The cleaning factor is pretty serious since the goal is to buy furniture that can stick around for a while rather than require constant replacement. Natural fiber sofas are really popular at the moment but also have a high susceptibility to sunlight damage and moisture. Synthetic sofas tend to be more durable as they are blended with a variety of dense fibers to combat tears, stains, and other wears. Their are a variety to choose from so I recommend doing a quick read on the options available to you.

Another thing to consider is the style of your sofa, different factors such as space can make your sofa overpower or compliment your home. For example, before you invest in a large orange couch with a chaise in a smaller apartment think about what else you will bring into the room. You want to be sure your color sofa is a compliment to everything in the room as a whole.

2. Pick you compliment color
What color will your throw pillows be? If you want the pop of color in your living room to be the couch then maybe muted pillows or none at all are your answer. What color will your tabletop decor be? This is your opportunity to pull everything together, so consider what would do this best. Also, remember that this can change, as mentioned above the pairing possibilities are endless so don't get to hung up on this step.

3.Balance is essential
Once you have the colors and sofa identified pulling it all together for a balanced finished product is next. At this point take a step back to see if the room you envisioned is coming to life with the right amount elements, colors, and white space. If you notice your space appears to be lacking one of these then see where you can insert them in. In the end you want your color sofa to compliment your space by embodying the words you thought of during the beginning of this post.


What were the words you thought of again? 



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